Big Momma Challenge: Update

I’m well aware that I haven’t posted any updates on this for the last couple of weeks.  The reason for this is that I haven’t got any update for you!

Although I haven’t put on the initial (paltry) 4 lbs that I lost, I haven’t lost any more either.

Whilst this is not intended in any way to be a list of excuses, I have found it really difficult to plan in advance (something I always think is an absolute essential when dieting), mostly due to our normal routine being totally out of whack because it’s the summer holidays.

I also sprained my ankle quite badly a couple of weeks ago (as those who follow me on Twitter will already know), which has put paid to any thoughts of exercise since then, as it’s still quite swollen and painful.

And to top it all off, we’re going away tomorrow for a fortnight – firstly up to Surrey for a funeral, and then for 12 days in Spain.  Where I shall no doubt be putting on the 4 lbs that I lost in the first place.


I am not giving up.  I shall return with renewed vigour and determination on 31st August, ready to get back onto the Big Momma Challenge wagon on 1st September.

I have scheduled a few posts to go up while I’m away, but as we don’t have internet at the villa, I shall be pretty much out of touch with the exception of the odd wifi hotspot.  See you all soon xxx


9 thoughts on “Big Momma Challenge: Update

  1. Ack! I’m having the exact same progress. I was off work the last week, and have just been really lazy and self-indulgent, but tomorrow it is back to work and back on the plan!

  2. Don’t worry, this is all about changing our habits in the long term – holidays and unexpected events will always throw a spanner in the works. Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you back here on 1st Sept!

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