Journal Jar Q6: What Were Favourite Places To Go With Family When You Were Young?

One of our family’s very favourite outings when I was young was “Tracking” in the New Forest.  We usually went with at least one other family, and split into two teams, generally boys against girls.  The idea of the game was for one team to lay a trail of arrows made out of sticks, ferns, even horse poo on one memorable occasion, the more convoluted and longer the better, and then hide at the end of the trail, waiting to be found.   The other team would give them five minutes, and then start to follow the trail.

The boys always took it far more seriously than the girls, and used to send half the team off making a trail while the other half built some sort of amazing hideout out of wood and ferns, so we always had the greatest difficulty finding them. 

Us girls always ended up getting the giggles and giving away our hiding place, so we weren’t the winners very often.  We always had loads of fun playing, though, and generally took a picnic with us as well.

Another place I  used to love going was Becky Falls on Dartmoor, which we used to visit when we came down to Devon to stay with friends.  It’s such a beautiful spot, and climbing up the waterfall felt very adventurous and a bit dangerous, too.  We took William there a few years ago, and he enjoyed it just as much as I used to as a child.  In fact, thinking about that has reminded me that we must go back there again soon.


2 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q6: What Were Favourite Places To Go With Family When You Were Young?

  1. Fabulous idea for a blog post, Caroline!
    It was South Devon in the summer, usually Hope Cove, where we’d explore rock pools and go out with Dad in the boat or rummage around the markets, hippy emporiums and second-hand shops of Totnes with Mum.
    In October we’d stay in the Lake District and rent a beautiful Tudor house just outside Ambleside. My Dad was a keen mountaineer and used to drag poor Mum up hills in her high-heeled boots and jangly jewellery as she refused point blank to wear anything sensible. xxx

  2. An interesting post.
    Also liked your posts about cutting back and decluttering. I could do with a bit more of that LOL.
    btw I can identify with the fact you have a mountain of toiletries 😉

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