Friday 5: Favourite Meals To Cook

It seems to me that this week’s subject  is inextricably tied up with my favourite things to eat.  I love cooking (and eating!), and I would like to have more time to experiment with new recipes.  The cooking in this household is very much a shared job, as Ashley loves to cook as well (and is a WAY better cook than I am, to be honest).  I tend to cook during the week, and Ashley cooks at weekends, which is a perfect arrangement as far as I’m concerned.

1.   Thai Food – I love the flavours used in Thai cooking, and have been experimenting with lots of Thai recipes this year.  I think my favourite so far has been Tom Yum Soup.

 2.   Risotto – I really like cooking risotto because it’s one of those things you can throw together in 20 minutes with whatever you’ve got in the fridge, and is always yummy.  The constant stirring required with risotto is quite soothing, too.

 3.         Shepherd’s Pie – one of my ultimate comfort foods, really good on a cold winter’s evening, and great for preparing ahead and just shoving in the oven when you get home.  Reminds me of my childhood.

4.   Spag Bol – William and Ashley’s favourite meal of all time, and I like cooking this one simply because when they say ‘what’s for dinner?’ and I tell them, it makes them both smile.

5.    Soup.  Any soup really.  I like preparing and chopping the ingredients, I like using stock that I’ve made myself, and I always like the end result.  Two of my particular favourites are broccoli and blue cheese, and minestrone.  There’s nothing like a bowl of homemade soup and some crusty bread. 

I’m putting a little Mr Linky in again (I hope it works, because I’ll be away when this post goes up) for everybody who’s joining in to link to their Friday 5 posts this week.

Happy Weekend, Everybody!


7 thoughts on “Friday 5: Favourite Meals To Cook

  1. Yummy! I’ve never cooked Thai food but love to eat it – must try a Thai recipe one of these days. Love, love Shepherd’s Pie – lovely memories of Mum serving it, with potatoes having all golden brown peaks on top. Love Spaghetti, too, that was always a Saturday night meal at our house – spaghetti, salad, French bread. Ok, now I’m hungry!

  2. I love the Tom Yum! You’ve inspired me to try that this winter! And I may have to try the Shepard’s Pie; it looks like amazing comfort food (my favorite kind of food!).


  3. Oh, yes. How divine. I love Thai food. I am now salivating at the idea of Tom Yum soup. And I love that spag bol reaction! Who doesn’t love cooking something that makes loved ones smile like that. I love to cook new recipes – just the whole thing of creating something new. Thai flavours, I am also really into grinding my own spices for curries at the moment. I love to cook risotto too. And I also really love to cook – when it seems as if there is nothing to eat in the cupboards. I love creating something out of nothing. Having said that I also love to cook, just after I have done a big shop, when everything is fresh and there are so many possibilities. I was going to write lasagne. But I actually hate to cook it. I just LOVE to eat it!

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