Journal Jar Q78: Have You Ever Met Anyone Famous?

1.         David James, the England goalkeeper – his partner’s children go to the same school as William, and he’s often there at pick up time.  He seems a very nice and unassuming chap.

 2.         My second cousin is quite famous – she’s married to Prince Edward.

 3.         Many years ago, I went with my now sister-in-law, Amanda and her mum to the BBC to watch the National Lottery programme.  Coincidentally the previous week, Amanda’s mother had five numbers come up on the lottery and had won several thousand pounds, and because of this she was featured in the show, which meant she got her own dressing room and hair and make-up done, and we went to the ‘green room’.  We met all sorts of celebs that day including Geena Davis, Tom Jones, Des Lynam, Jim Bowen and Mystic Meg. 

I was so excited to meet Geena Davis, as Thelma & Louise is one of my favourite films.  She was absolutely TINY, I couldn’t get over how little she was.

4.            Although we didn’t actually meet them, this is a celeb story that still makes me chuckle:

On a plane to St Lucia a couple of years ago, the England cricketer, Kevin Pietersen, and his wife Jessica Taylor, formerly of the pop band Liberty X, were sitting across the aisle from us.  My brother was really rather taken with the lovely Jessica, and after they disembarked at Antigua and the plane flew on to St Lucia he felt the need to go and sniff her seat!!!

This is so wrong on so many levels,  Nick!  I would also like to point out that I didn’t take the photo, I stole it off Facebook!


7 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q78: Have You Ever Met Anyone Famous?

  1. Yuck!
    Being related to royalty through marriage, oh my word!
    I once served Joanna Lumely in a gift shop I worked in. She bought a postcard and a Jemima Puddleduck brooch.
    Lisa x

  2. ha ha ha – brought back lots of memories from the night at the BBC – do you remember my mum chasing Desmonod Lynham up the corridoor to find out the latest football scores of the day – I’ll never forget it “Mr Lynham, Mr Lynahm…..! sooo embarrasing!

  3. I used to work in film and tv so I don’t count, but I once went to a boxing match with Don Boyd, Richard Harris, Aiden Gillen, Paul McGann, Lousie Lombard and a Liverpudlian gangster. I think it was the most surreal night of my life. We drank a lot (A LOT) of black velvet.

  4. OOh exciting stuff! I was at school with Simon Le Bon and his brothers – they were gods to us lol.I went to a party with the son of Jim Dale from the Carry On movies; I then met James Ellis from Z Cars (yes I’m old….) at a Taylor Woodrow sports day for my dad’s work; when I worked for IPC I got the lift with Tania Briers; Once when I was coming out of Chorleywood Tube station I literally bumped into Graham Taylor, ex Watford and England manager – don’t think he was impressed! There are lots of celeb who live round here so I’ve seen David Seaman in the local M&S among others. Oh and my other half’s brother was the bald one in MN8 – remember then?? That means I’m only 1 celeb removed from Janet Jackson cos they toured with her in the 90s. Sigh.

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