Friday 5: Favourite Items In My Wardrobe

If I interpreted this week’s topic as things I wear most often, it would be an extremely boring post consisting of various pairs of jeans, so I’ve decided to pick out a few things I really like at the moment instead.  This can change from week to week, so this is a very much ‘of the moment’ selection.

1.  My nude Aldo platform heels.  They are vertiginously high, so don’t get an airing as often as they might do if they were a little more practical, but I always feel good when I’ve got them on.   Considering that I’ve had them for three or four years, I was delighted when the nude trend came back in a big way this year.

2.   This kaftan style top which I found in a charity shop earlier this year is probably my favourite top of the summer, as it’s so versatile – can be thrown on over a swimsuit during the day, and dressed up in the evening with black jeans or white linen trousers. Another item that I always feel ‘nice’ in.  And best of all, it only cost me about £3!

3.   This little necklace is so versatile and seems to go with everything.  I picked it up in a sale in Dorothy Perkins, I think, 2 for £1, at the beginning of this year.  Unfortunately it’s starting to tarnish a little bit, so I don’t know how much longer it’ll last, but it’s already been well worth its super-cheap price.

4.   My peacock maxi dress, which I’ve already shown you in a previous post.  I haven’t yet worn it, but it will be getting a few outings during our holiday in Spain next week, I’m sure.


5.   These are my absolute go-to black shoes – I just love the shape, they are super comfortable despite the height, and they go equally well with skirt or trousers.  Unfortunately, they are cheapo Matalan crap, and not even made of leather – if I could find a similar better quality pair, I’d snap them up like a shot.


9 thoughts on “Friday 5: Favourite Items In My Wardrobe

  1. Somehow I thought it was Makeup/Beauty Essentials this week so I’m off to dig through my closet (since hardly anything in there fits anymore – yippee!) to find 5 things to share! Is there going to be a Mr. Linky?

  2. Oh the aldo shoes are so brilliant! They are super in style- not only are they nude, they’ve get an awesome chunky heel! Wear it a lot this autumn!! 🙂

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