Why …

…. Does everything break at once? Since we’ve been home from holiday, the oven has stopped working, a button on my camera is broken, and my printer has given up the ghost. Enough already!

… Has Ashley been in such a shitty mood this afternoon/evening?

… Does it feel like I’ve been busy all day, but I don’t seem to have achieved much?

… Didn’t I check the oven temperature (I’ve got two ovens, luckily, was using the non-broken one) tonight before putting my sad Weight Watchers meal for one into it, only to discover 15 minutes later that Ashley had turned up the oven to maximum, and it was so hot that the ready meal container had actually melted into the food, rendering the meal inedible? Which, in retrospect, was possibly not an entirely bad thing.

… Did I not bother putting a load of laundry into the machine today, despite walking past the overflowing laundry basket on at least a dozen occasions and thinking to myself “Hmmm, must put a load of laundry in …”?


4 thoughts on “Why …

  1. It always sucks totally after coming back from the hols……at least the washer didn’t break…….
    and not eating a WW meal….well you MIGHT have saved yourself there . . . .

  2. I completely sympathise… my laptop broke as soon as I moved into the flat, I’d just got myself sorted and then had to pay out for a replacement (not to mention months later it is now working fine!!)…. my camera has broke now too!

    Victoria xx

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