Q43. Have Your Inherited Any of Your Mother’s Traits?

My Mum with my niece, Sophie

To quote Shakespeare – and that’s not something I do on a regular basis, I can tell you – “let me count the ways ….”

The older I get, the more parallels I see between my mother and myself – I quite often catch myself saying something to William, and can hear my mother’s voice, right down to the inflection and tone, coming out of my mouth!!

So, here are just a few of our similarities:

1.         Our tempers – neither of us hold a grudge, or stew on things for ages: we blow up, say our bit, and immediately get over it.

2.         I’m a very organised person, love to plan ahead, and have numerous lists on the go.  Although this is a very ‘Virgo’ trait (I’m a Virgo), my mother is an Aquarius and is exactly the same, so I guess that at least some of this control freakery must have been inherited from her.

3.         High expectations of other people: when we give people a present, we expect a thank you; when our birthdays come around, we expect people to remember (yes, that’s you, Mother In Law, who didn’t bother sending me a card or phoning me to say Happy Birthday on my birthday last month.  Excuse: I didn’t want to bother you.  Yes, I know, pitiful.).  And when people don’t match up to our expectations as inevitably they don’t, we’re both disappointed.

4.         My hatred for exercise.  My mother goes to the gym every weekday morning for an hour (far more willpower than me).  And she frequently says “I hate EVERY minute of it”. 

5.         Our mutual love of a glass of wine or two, or three …….. actually, I can’t blame my mum for that one entirely, I reckon some of it comes from my Dad!


One thought on “Q43. Have Your Inherited Any of Your Mother’s Traits?

  1. I could have wrote that list about me!!! I was reading it nodding my head, especially the bit about having high expectations of other people, and the lists…

    Sharron xxx

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