This Week I’m ….

… Reading

I’ve just given up on Road to Paradise by Paullina Simons.  This book was SUCH  a disappointment: I’ve read several of her books before and loved them, and I just could not get into this at all – the characters were so irritating, and nothing seemed to happen.  I really tried hard to like it, and I struggled to about halfway through, around 250 pages.  However, I looked at the Amazon reviews yesterday and I was not alone in my opinion of this book. Somehow that made me feel it was OK to stop struggling with it. So I did.

… Watching

I took myself off to the cinema today to see this movie, which I really enjoyed.  The amazing action sequences made up for the slightly off kilter plot, and left me feeling quite exhausted.  Movies are just so much better when you see them on the big screen – I do love the cinema.

… Cooking


Last night’s dinner was this Weight Watchers recipe – vegetarian samosas and crunchy slaw.  If I’m honest, it looks better than it tasted, but there are only 2.5 Weight Watchers points in the whole plate of food in the pic, which is pretty good.  I had another two of the samosas for lunch today, and enjoyed them more cold than hot.


7 thoughts on “This Week I’m ….

  1. I feel your pain. I used to see some dire books through until the bitter end but now I think life’s too short to waste reading badly written books when there’s so many brilliant ones out there.
    I’ve been watching Ms Jolie on the news today in Pakistan. What a beautiful and compassionate woman.
    Can I come for tea? xxx

  2. Ack yes. Life’s too short to read bad books!

    I read “The Bronze Horseman” by her and absolutely loved it. Ate, slept, breathed it for however long it took me to read, cried my eyes out and thought it was wonderful. Tried to read it again a year or so later and just thought it was dreadful. I think sometimes it just depends on the right time/circumstance…

    …but maybe that’s just me 😉

  3. I’ve struggled with a bad book simply because I’ve previously liked the authors books. Book reading should be a joy not a burden so I don’t blame you one jot for dropping out of finishing it.

  4. I looked her up after you mentioned her on Twitter last night and some of her stuff sounded good. Just this summer I have really decided to give books a chance but then call it a day if it’s not doing it for me. Normally this is most unlike me. But – like the other people mention, life is too short. I always think back to “Atonement” which I hated at first but then loved.
    So what are we reading now then?

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