Big Momma Challenge Update


I’ve had a good week. 

I have eaten thoughtfully and moderately, and other than a tiny blip on Sunday, haven’t cheated at all. 

I have laid off the booze completely, other than one cheeky margarita on Friday night (and it was delicious – I enjoyed every sip, I can tell you!).

And I have walked 8 ½ miles!!!!  Yes, I know it’s not ten, but I am so pleased with myself that I’ve managed to get my butt out and walking five days out of the last seven.  And it would have been six, but the rain on Monday put me off, I’m afraid.

And – drumroll, please – I HAVE LOST 5.6 LBS THIS WEEK!!!!

Which just goes to show what I can do when I put my mind to it.

So, goals for the coming week then:

1.                  Walk ten miles.

2.                  Plan meals in advance and post a menu plan on Monday.

3.                  Drive when we go out for a meal with friends on Saturday night, in order to avoid drinking.


12 thoughts on “Big Momma Challenge Update

  1. Hi fives Caroline well done, I need some inspiration as I have stuck and you are it, don’t let me down LOL
    It works if you do it!!!

    x Dawn

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  3. Whee! Go you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.6lbs is LOADS! And 8.5 miles is still very VERY impressive, so don’t beat yourself up about the 1.5.

    Alcohol is definitely one of the worst things to make women put on weight. When I was sent to work abroad for 6 months, there was a massive drinking culture and I was out sipping away at the cocktails almost every night – I managed to put on about 18lbs in 3 months!

    Anyways, use this momentum and carry on the good work, we’ll be here to cheer you along!


  4. Really well done! And do you feel better in yourself? I don’t just mean because the scales read a tremendous loss, I mean as in energy levels?

    Hope the ankle is 100% now?

    • I’m not sure re the energy levels, I think it may take a couple of weeks to feel any different. Although having said that, I have felt a bit less lethargic during the afternoons ….
      Ankle still not right, I’m afraid, but on the mend, definitely

  5. well done Caroline that’s brilliant – my diet starts on Monday – feeling very overweight and depressed 😦 only my frizz free hair to cheer me up! x

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