Friday 5: Most Thought Provoking Movies

Although this subject was my idea, I’ve found it quite a hard one. 

First of all, what is “thought provoking?”   I guess in this context, I mean a film that makes me think, question or reassess, a film that changes my opinion about something, and most of all, a film that I still think about days, weeks  and sometimes even months after seeing it. 

1.                  The Hill (1965)


Obscure, yeah, I know.  It’s set in a British Army Prison in North Africa in WW2 and stars Sean Connery, and is quite horrific in parts.  I’ve only seen this movie once, about 12 years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since.  It made me think really hard about cruelty, kindness and human nature.

2.         The Green Mile (1999)


Brilliant, brilliant film.  One of those rare instances where the film and the book are both equally enjoyable and neither is better than the other.  I could wax lyrical about this one for ages, but suffice to say it’s a salutary reminder that things are not always as they seem.

3.        Beaches (1988)


Well, there had to be a girly, weepy one in this list somewhere, didn’t there?  This film is chock full of truisms about female friendship.  And it also has a healthy sprinkling of  love, loss, anger, grief and joy.  And “Wind Beneath My Wings” as well.

4.    Trainspotting (1995)


The most unpleasant, horrible film I’ve NEVER watched!  Ashley and I sat down to watch the DVD one evening back in about 1996, and got as far as the bloke fishing around in his own crap to find heroin (about 10 minutes in).  **My apologies for that horribly graphic description, but you try finding a nicer way to describe it**.  Anyway we turned it off, both of us absolutely disgusted.  I’ve never, ever forgotten that scene, though.  As the cast of Grange Hill so succinctly put it, “Just Say No”.

5.            Schindler’s List (1993)


Just because.  Enough said, I think.



5 thoughts on “Friday 5: Most Thought Provoking Movies

  1. As soon as I saw the title of this post I thought Schindler’s List.
    I went with a group of friends to see that at the cinema. At the end of the movie no-one in the cinema moved, there was complete silence until all the credits ended. I cried most of the weekend.
    Lisa x

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