Busy, Busy, Busy

I have not been devoting the time I would like to devote to my blog for the last week or so – September is always a busy month for me, and I seem to remember writing much the same thing on here this time last year!

Anyway, just a few pictures today:

A rather lovely Gucci purse that I picked up in the charity shop last week for only £10 – bargain!

Conkers – it seems a bit early in the year, but William and I have just been for a walk around the village and found all these.  I love freshly fallen conkers – so shiny and tactile.  And then you find them abandoned in a carrier bag a couple of months later and they’re all small and hard and old!

I went to M&S today to pick up some new school socks for Will (yeah, I know, my life – it’s one long round of excitement after another, isn’t it?), and while I was there, I couldn’t resist this 2011 diary – – it’s pink, and it’s got shoes all over it – perfect!  I’ve been using an A4 diary this year, having changed from my usual A5 size as I seem to write so much in the diary, but I’ve found the A4 one too big and cumbersome, so am looking forward to using this smaller one in 2011.  Which will no doubt be here before we know it.


7 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. re: conkers, they are supposed to be good at keeping spiders away! A friend of mine swears by a few in the back corners of cupboards 😉
    As my house is currently over-run with the blighters (spiders, that is) I am on the lookout, but every horse-chestnut tree I see is conker-less right now! xx

  2. loving the Gucci!… and the diary is fab… I love conkers.. autumn is definately on its way now… apologies for missing friday 5… was too busy meeting Manolo!… have a fun filled week. Tx

  3. ooooh I like that diary.
    I have just got my ‘school year’ mom’s calendar seeing me from now (Sep 10) through to DECEMBER 2011.

    I have NEVER seen conkers in America. Ever. My kids don’t know what they even are!

  4. I love new conkers too. We have always got a bowl of them in the lounge and we have a long string of them hanging up in the utility room whic has been there for about 3 years!
    Lisa x

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