Life Laundry Update

It’s feeling like a very long, slow haul, this life laundry business.

But I have been making progress, and since I came back from holiday, have tackled the following:

 1.  Sorted out magazine rack and explosion of magazines/catalogues/holiday brochures onto floor.  Binned a load of out of date catalogues/old magazines, and only kept what fits into rack.  Need to keep on top of reading/looking through these, and GETTING RID OF THEM when they’re finished with.

2. Went through toiletries stash. 

My Collection of Body Lotions

My Collection of Hand Creams

Ridiculous, no?  I sent quite a lot to the charity shop, and have stored the rest in plastic bags inside storage boxes, along with a whole bunch of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner etc, all separated into different products types, so I can easily see what I’ve got.

 3.  Listed a rug for sale on Ebay, didn’t sell, so Ashley took it up to the hotel to use there.

4.   Sorted out box of nail polishes, threw away a bunch of half used packs of false nails, and sent some polishes to charity shop.

5. HOW many Bags for Life??? Enough for three or four lives at least, I should think!  Sorted through, binned the worst, and will use the rest of the surplus to fill for charity shop.

6.  Cleared out bathroom cabinet, got rid of lots of unwanted stuff.  Unused new toothbrushes and toothpastes for orphans’ boxes at Christmas, lots of bits and bobs thrown away.  After which I had room to put in some of my unused toiletries, so I can start using them up.

7.  Made one huge Amazon wishlist from the various notes I had around the place, and a Word document, bits of paper in my handbag, bookmarked sites etc, of books that I’d like to read.  It took me ages.  And there are 150 books on it.   But at least it’s all in one place now!

8.   Deleted four or five programs off my computer which I don’t use any more.

9.   Started the mammoth task of sorting out my photographs.  Have at least got them all in folders under the relevant year now, which is a step in the right direction.

10.  Have been using up a lot of stuff we’ve had the freezer for ages, so there is at least a bit of space in there now.  This is another ongoing project.

11.  Decluttered my handbag collection.  Have about three to put on eBay, and a couple have gone to the charity shop.

The whole thing does feel like a bit of an immense struggle, if I’m honest.  And although when it’s written down like that I do seem to have done a lot, it feels as though there is so much still to be done.  I think I might make a list of areas still to tackle, as it seems such a formless project at the moment.


6 thoughts on “Life Laundry Update

  1. Good for you, very impressed. Need to get back on the sorting out – I really do. But seeing as builders are now inside every day, am trying to stay out of their was as much as possible.

  2. That is a lot!
    Keep going though, becuase if you don’t it’ll just accunulate and be there to tidy and move round and sort out and it’ll drive you bananas. Bet they love you at the charity shop!
    Lisa x

  3. LOL, I can beat you with toilettries I have more than you..
    Well done for decluttering – I’ve been trying to bring less home and even got nuts and stuck some things on ebay.

  4. It’s neverending isn’t it. I sort of wish my house would get flattened so I could start over. Well…not quite but you catch my drift!

    My toiletries collection is in a similar state of affairs. Totally unnecessary!

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