Recent Ebay Sales

recent ebay sales

I’m so late to the Polyvore party, it’s almost laughable, but I’m loving playing about with it, and have made the little montage above of items I’ve sold recently.

I’m often asked how I get on with selling the things I pick up at charity shops and car boot sales on Ebay, so I thought I’d share a few of my successful recent sales with you.

1. The DVF dress that I picked up for a fiver in a charity shop back in March sold this week for £53.50.

2. Some YSL Shower Gel I bought for £1 in March sold for £6.99 last week.

3. Clarins Face Treatment Oil – picked up for the princely sum of 50p from a car boot went for £17.50 on a Buy It Now literally hours after I listed it. 

4.  And the red Lacoste handbag which I bought at a car boot sale we came across near Weymouth during the summer (for £1) sold for £12.50 last night, which I was amazed by.

My favourite sales are always the ones that I don’t expect to make much and completely surprise me by getting lots of interest and lots of bids and end up selling for far more than I imagined.

We’re off to Moonfleet Manor near Weymouth again this weekend, and I’ve already found a car boot sale onSunday morning, only two miles away from the hotel we’re staying in, so I think I’ll be taking myself off there first thing. 


7 thoughts on “Recent Ebay Sales

  1. What marvellous sales. I love that photo collage, I’ve been trying to find one for ages so I’ll be playing around with that sometime soon.

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