Lost: Rather A Lot Of Time

You know how sometimes you go through a period of things breaking, one after the other, and it feels like you’re cursed for a while?  Well, that’s been happening here recently.

The shower in my ensuite has been out of action due to a leak through the kitchen ceiling for ages – Ashley has resealed the leak several times, we have even had the hole in the kitchen ceiling replastered, and the bloody thing started leaking again a while back.  We now have to rip up the whole bathroom floor to locate the leak, fix it and put new flooring down.  My builder was supposed to come last Monday, but Ashley hijacked him for a week’s work on the hotel refurb, and then he was supposed to come today, but he had a hangover, so he’s now coming on Friday.

My digital camera has had a dodgy “function” button for a while, and the button has now totally stopped working.  Although it’s under guarantee with the company it was purchased from, when I called them they informed me that it would take six weeks to get it fixed.  I use my camera every day for my eBay selling, so I can’t possibly entertain being without it for that long, particularly at this time of year. Not to mention the fact that I need it for our holiday in mid-October.  So I trawled the net and found somebody who has quoted £55 to mend it in five working days.  So off it will go later this week to be fixed.

Our range cooker has been a tale of woe since we bought it five years ago.  Baumatic have completely replaced the whole thing free of charge once because of a particular problem with the oven door that they couldn’t fix, and it’s the only item we’ve ever taken out an extended warranty on (and got our money’s worth of repairs and more!).  Suffice to say, I am on first name terms with the engineer who comes to mend it, I know the names and ages of all his children, all about his fishing hobby, and how he takes his tea.  One of the ovens recently broke (again), which has necessitated:

  • One phone call to make an appt for the engineer to visit to assess the problem
  • Visit by the engineer (non-timed so I have to wait at home all day till he turns up)
  • Three further phone calls to see if the part has arrived and book another appointment for engineer to fit it
  • Further visit by engineer to fit part (non-timed so I have to ….. yeah, you get the idea).


I have a flat in Bournemouth which is rented out, and the tenants contacted me last week to say they need some repairs doing to the back door and kitchen floor.  Trying to find/organise a handyman to go round, look at the job and give me a quote, from 100 miles away, is proving tiresome and time consuming.  Little progress made so far.

My wireless printer recently exploded ink all over the place.  It’s done a sterling job over many years to be fair, and it was time to get a new one.  Ordered a new wireless printer, same make, just an updated model almost identical to old one.  It arrived, I tried to install it, it couldn’t find my wireless network.  After about three hours’ wrestling with it, we decided it must be faulty, phoned Tesco Direct and they replaced it within 48 hours (yay Tesco!).  Second printer had the same problem.  Decided it was too much of a coincidence, bit the bullet and phoned HP Support.  That took most of a morning (frankly, the operative in Pakistan or wherever they hang out appeared to have less knowledge of wireless printers than I do) of running through endless diagnostics on the end of the phone (luckily they called me back to save my phone bill) before they decided the second printer was also faulty, and that they would send a new one.  The third printer arrived last Friday, and I unpacked it this morning, tried to install it, same problem.  Yet another phone call to HP Tech Support ensued, again running through all the diagnostics, and after an hour and a half on the phone (they wouldn’t call me back today – they don’t do callbacks on a Monday – WTF?!) at God alone knows what cost, they cut me off.  I called back, was on hold for 25 minutes, got through to somebody, had just explained the whole problem again from the beginning, when they cut me off again.  I gave up, phoned Tim, who solves my computer problems that are beyond me, and he came round this afternoon, spent three hours wrestling with the printer (more expense) with no luck.  He’s now taken one of the printers home to see if it works work with his router.  Somewhere in between all this, the HP Tech Replacement Department in Bombay rang me up to say they were sending me printer number four as they’d decided the three previous ones were all faulty, and it will be here on Friday.  Ye gads!

The point of this (very long) post is not really about things breaking, or about the cost of fixing/replacing them – it’s about the amount of TIME spent trying to sort them out.  None of the above things have been simple to sort out (and some are ongoing of course), and I’m sure if I added up the (wo)man hours I’ve spent on them, it would be shocking.

No wonder I never seem to have time to clean the house or do the ironing!


10 thoughts on “Lost: Rather A Lot Of Time

  1. Been there, done that with HP Support. The tough part is, they are all so incredibly polite while taking forever to resolve your issue, it’s sometimes tough to get mad. So, instead you go through your problem at least twice as you are transferred from department to department (or more often if you get cut off and have to start all over again)! You’re right – it’s the time spent that’s the killer.

  2. That all made me chuckle -sorry !
    I thought I was having bad luck the last few days but I feel better after reading that !
    Hope things settle down soon
    Sue x

  3. How very frustrating and disheartening. I almost couldn’t bear to read this post, but the misery-loves-company part of me won out. (We have STILL not closed on selling our property, and today they called and told me the new closing date was October 31…WTF!?)

  4. I sympathise, I have a broken integrated fridge/freezer, dishwasher and the other day the printer went aswell! I also remember a year way back when I was a single mum, I had all the white goods in the house go in one whole year, from the iron to the washing machine and everything inbetween!

  5. Hi there-I go through thinking of all the jobs and must haves and must dos that I need to get through, but thats as far as it gets for the moment, lol!! Best of luck with tackling your priority ones 😉

  6. My wireless printer is STILL in the box.
    But I did phone HP today and got ‘Bob’ in Customer Service and started explaining the problems with my laptop etc.
    Only took me and him about 4 minutes to work out my laptop is actually a Dell and I was calling the wrong firm……

    A true blond moment….

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