Friday 5: Local Hotspots

I’m finding this last Friday 5 for the time being rather difficult, so I thought I’d see what sort of thing everybody else is putting on theirs before doing mine this morning.  Looks like everybody’s got the same idea, though, as nobody’s is up yet!

So, I shall just interpret it in my own way, and hope it’s suitable!

1.            Dartmoor National Park – I just love Dartmoor, it’s huge and wild and desolate and just a really lovely part of the world.  And has lots of wild ponies, too.  Best avoided during July & August, however, when it’s full of tourists. 


2. The Eastern Eye – Our favourite local Indian restaurant, and coincidentally, where we are going this evening!  Great food, brilliant staff, good atmosphere – and a bottle of sambuca plonked on your table at the end of the evening by the owner to help yourself to!

3.         Local Pub – until we moved to the village we live in now, where the village pub is a bit of a disappointment (ideas above its station, ridiculous gastro-pub aspirations), the vast majority of our social life took place in the Wild Goose, the pub located a very convenient 200 yards from our front door in Combeinteignhead, the village we used to live in.  It was a great pub, and we’ve got many happy memories of times spent in there.

4.                  Stover Country Park Located only a couple of minutes from William’s school, this lovely country park has some gorgeous walks around the large lake at its centre.  I often go for a walk after dropping William at school, and quite regularly see the most beautiful heron there.

4.                  Angels Tea Rooms, Babbacombe, Torquay – Perched on the clifftop overlooking Torbay, this is my favourite place to meet friends for lunch at the moment.  They serve a wide variety of tea in an eclectic selection of mismatched china cups, saucers and teapots, and an even more eclectic selection of gorgeous food , whether you want a full English breakfast, afternoon tea with homemade preserves and  local clotted cream, and served on pretty cakestands, or a lunchtime soup, salad, jacket potato, or even pie and chips.  And it is FULL of angels, everywhere!


This is the last Friday 5 for the time being – thanks to everybody who joined in over the last few months – it’s been a lot of fun.


6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Local Hotspots

  1. I will try the tea rooms as we have seen it but never been in , I like your choices, I was not sure what to do so I also waited for others to post first!

    x Dawn

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  3. At first I thought local hotspots needed to be the “moving and shaking” sites in my area, and since we’re pretty much past that era, I was going to skip this week. Then I saw your post, and decided to give it a whirl. Our area is really lovely and I hope I’ve showcased the best it has to offer.

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