September Secret Post Club

I am loving being part of Heather’s Secret Post Club, and it’s great to get a little parcel through the post each month with such thoughtfully selected gifts – and almost always some chocolate, too!

This month’s fabulous parcel came from Cara, whose blog,  Freckles Family, has some wonderful photographs, and equally wonderful foody posts, too – do pop over and have a look.

Cara sent me a book that I’m going to take away on holiday with me (only two weeks to go on Sunday – yay!), which looks brilliant, a gorgeous handmade knitted strawberry bookmark which is already in use, a lovely handwritten note in a pretty Cath Kidston card, and – you’ve guessed it – some chocolate!  Thorntons toffee chocolate, which was absolutely delicious.

Thank you, Cara – your parcel made my day.


4 thoughts on “September Secret Post Club

  1. I am in it too and love it! I feel a pain though with folk having to pay so much postage to get things to me – although one person sent he something so heavy – it was really good but they should have opted lighter.
    This month I got a gorgeous soap (that I thought was a candle until the kids pointed it out ) and a scarf, a little bag and a snazzy bracelet.
    Let me know if that book is good – I heard good things about it!

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