Sunday Car Booty

Howling wind and driving rain – not the best start to Sunday, so it was a good job that today’s car boot sale was under cover at the multi storey car park.

There was an AWFUL lot of tat to pick through today, and I wasn’t really in the mood for some reason, but I did pick up a few bits to sell, and a lovely coffee pot for mother in law, who’s been looking for this exact one for about three years!

Shoes – all brand new, all 50p or £1 – Next, Faith, 3 x Clarks, and fabulous metallic green retro 80s style heels (so wish they were my size!)

3 brand new sewing/craft kits, £1 each – anybody got any ideas how to get rid of very musty smell emanating from them?

Eternal Beau – coffee pot £4, napkins £3, cake stand £4


Kim Ryder workout DVD £1 – these always sell like hotcakes just after New Year funnily enough!  M&S sparkly ballet pumps £1 and fab purple wedges, which are my size and I might well keep.

Two weeks today till I’m lee-eeeeaving on a jet plane …. yay!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I had good luck putting musty comic books in a closed plastic bag with some unscented clay cat litter for a few days. The directions didn’t say how much so I buried them. It worked!

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