Big Momma Challenge Update: Diet In A Box

I am aware that I haven’t done an update on my weight loss challenge for a couple of weeks, and that is because …. I’m trying something completely different!

You may remember my last post on the subject was full of woe and misery, and after I wrote that, I had a “throw all my toys out of the pram” couple of weeks, and didn’t manage to shift any more weight.

So, at the beginning of last week, I decided to try My Diet In A Box, for a period of two weeks before I go away on holiday, in an attempt to shift a few more of those pounds before having to bare my body on a beach.

Basically, it is a diet delivery service: My food for the week arrives on a Wednesday morning in a chilled box, and some (for the latter part of the week) goes straight into the freezer, whilst the rest is kept in the fridge.

You can choose from a high protein or a detox diet: I selected detox, which is low calorie, wheat-free and dairy-free, and almost vegetarian (no red meat, chicken once a week, fish once a week).

A an example of a day’s meals is something like this:

Breakfast: Persian muesli with soya milk

Lunch: Coconut bhajis with curried coleslaw & mango chutney

Dinner: Black bean and sweet potato chilli with corn chips

A couple of pics of some of my meals so far:

Thai vegetable curry served with a spelt cracker

Coconut bhajis, as mentioned above

I have been on the plan since last Wednesday, and I can honestly say that I haven’t been hungry once.  On the whole, the food has been delicious and varied, although obviously there have been some things I’ve liked more than others. 

 It is not a cheap way to diet: one week on the plan costs £115.  However for me, it’s worth it a) because I think my health is worth spending money on, and b) because it feels as though it’s working, and it’s quite enjoyable.  I say “feels as though it’s working”, because I have decided not to weigh myself until the end of the two weeks, but I tried on two pairs of trousers this morning that would barely do up back in August, and both fitted quite comfortably!

Right, must go and get my sundried tomato humus and roasted pepper salad out of the fridge ready for lunch!


6 thoughts on “Big Momma Challenge Update: Diet In A Box

  1. absolutely worth every penny – looks yummy! Bet you’ll lose loads of weight! So nice not having to think about what you are eating as well! Good luck x

  2. Oooh, that’s interesting. I think the fact that you’re already feeling better and less bloated is a big advantage of doing it this way, although it would be too pricey for me to try. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you. Looking forward to reading next week’s update x

  3. Well it looks wonderful. I’d eat those delicious dishes in a heartbeat. It’s a great way of losing weight, after all you can’t put a price on health. xxx

  4. I think it is easy to get ruled by the scales so not weighing yourself and seeing how clothes fit is a healthier indicator in my mind.
    Looks yummy too.

  5. Thats interesting, I tried diet chef a while ago but because it was all sealed in pouches and vacuum packed, it was all slop like things in sauce every night, this one looks a lot nicer! x

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