Big Momma Challenge: Detox in a Box Update

Well, I’m now a week and a half into my two week Detox in a Box programme, so I thought I’d do a quick up date on how I’m getting on. 


I can genuinely say that I haven’t been hungry at all – the meal portions are very generous and it seems to keep me full until the next meal. 


However in an idea world,  I would prefer to have slightly smaller meal portions and a separate snack provided each day, as I really struggle psychologically with going from lunch until dinner without eating something. 


The first week’s food was generally excellent – I really enjoyed 95% of the meals (bleugh to soya milk, however – whoever invented that needs shooting.  On the plus side, it avoided me finishing anything that involved the use of soya milk, which is a good dieting trick in itself!)


Unfortunately, the second week’s food is not living up to the first week, as I’ve had two consecutive dinner disasters:


On Thursday, dinner was Thai red veg curry with rice noodles.  The instructions for cooking the rice noodles were incorrect – rather than taking the 2 to 3 minutes to cook stated on the instructions, after more than 10 minutes, they still weren’t soft enough to eat, by which time the veg curry had turned to mush.  Chewy noodles and curry flavoured mush?  No thanks.  I forced down about a third before admitting defeat, and ate a slice of bread with peanut butter instead, which was absolutely delicious.


Last night’s dinner was courgette moussaka, which I was really looking forward to, as moussaka is one of my favourite dishes. 


Now I don’t want to sound picky, but a quick search of the word ‘moussaka’ on Google Images  brings up a plethora of pictures which all look more or less like this:

So how can anything that looks like this (below), POSSIBLY be described as mousakka? 

It was not in any way, shape or form moussaka, a more accurate description would have been tomato soup with courgettes and butter beans.  It tasted OK (if a bit on the bitter side – overuse of herbs?), but again, I’d been really looking forward to moussaka, and this just wasn’t one.


To be fair to Diet in a Box, this week’s menu is apparently a new one, so perhaps it is just teething problems.  However, this isn’t really an excuse when you’re charging people £115 a week. 


I did mention the rice noodle problem on their Facebook page, and very quickly received a response that they would retest their instructions.


I treated myself to one glass of wine last Saturday night, and I shall be doing the same this evening, and I can’t TELL you how much I’m looking forward to it. 


So, four more days to go, and then it’s all about the numbers on the scales.  I’m so hoping that it will have been worth it.


I’ll let you know on Wednesday morning …


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