Kids & The Internet

Seriously, do parents not check up on what their kids are doing on the net? 

William has been asking for a website for ages because his friend, A, has one, so last week I set him up a blog, with strict instructions not to post personal info, photos etc (you know, the standard internet safety stuff), and I’ve been policing it strictly ever since.  This morning he posted a link to his friend, A’s, website, so I popped over to have a look. 

I was rather appalled to find a list of Will’s and other friends’ names and email addresses in A’s most recent post,  and  I’ve just texted A’s father and asked him to have Will’s info removed from the site, but I do wonder whether these parents are monitoring their son’s internet usage at all, bearing in mind this info was posted onto the website on 7th September, over a month ago.  Or maybe they think it’s fine to list all your friends’ names and email addresses in the public domain?

The mind boggles.


2 thoughts on “Kids & The Internet

  1. Wow. WTF?
    I won’t let Bee have a Facebook site much to her disgust – but it’s not her I don’t trust so much as all her other pals for reasons such as these.
    Did you hear back from the friend’s dad btw?

    Nice blog change btw – feels all HOLIDAY like… (Grrr).

    • Yes, he text me back within half an hour and had removed it. Said he would have a word with A when he sees him on Tues (parents divorced). Which was all good. Except like I said, are they not regularly checking up on what A’s dong online?

      I won’t let Will have Facebook either. Several of his school friends (age 10) have it, some have even sent me friend requests (which I’ve declined).

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