Sunday Car Booty

Sunday again already, and I made the most of this morning’s bootsale, as I’m not going toget my weekly fix for the next three weeks.

It was quite a succesful morning’s shopping:

Vintage Jaeger wool & camelhair gilet, £1, New Look fake fur gilet £1

Sheepskin type gilet (can’t remember brand and too lazy to go downstairs and look!) £1, M&S Autograph cotton top £3 (far more than I’d usually pay, but I love the print, and it will be great for my hol, so I splashed out!)

Britney Spears Curious perfume £2.50, vintage Rupert Bear hot water bottle and case, brand new in packaging £2

2 fab pairs of shoes, black suede and mint green leather, both brand new, 50p each

DP linen pinafore style tops, £1 each

3 pairs of Clarks Doodles 50p each, H&M black satin wedges 50p, Faith suede & ribbon flats £2.50 (unfortunately just a tad too small for my feet).

Timberland men’s gilet (looks unworn) £2, Oasis silk dress/top with £65 price tag still on it, £1.50

Moschino Jeans men’s shirt £1, brand new

Plans for a lazy Sunday include a bit of packing, a lovely hot bath, lots of reading, some TV, and some eBay listing.   Oh, and clearing the large pile of stuff from my desk.  How does my paperwork get out of control so quickly?


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