Big Momma Challenge: End of Detox In a Box


I can’t say I’m sorry to have come to the end of my two weeks of ready meals, but I am pleased with the results – a loss of 6 lbs over the two weeks.

Which gives me a total loss since I started the challenge back in July of 13 lbs.  Which is great. 

I am really looking forward to choosing (and cooking) my own meals, and have been planning for the last week what I’m going to eat for my first day ‘off’ the Detox in a Box plan!

Final thoughts on Detox in a Box:

  • It was exactly the ‘kick up the bum’ I needed at the time.
  • The first week’s meals were really, really good, and very varied.
  • The second week’s meals were disappointing.  Had I been given the second week’s meals for my first week, I would not have ordered a second week’s food.  Incorrect cooking instructions were irritating, and four nights in a row of red coloured gloop for dinner, masquerading under such names as ‘moussaka’ and ‘stroganoff’ didn’t float my boat at all.  Just naming a dish something doesn’t make it into that dish (when was the last time you had RED stroganoff with SPINACH in?
  • The company’s customer service is very good – they are pleasant and helpful over the phone, and respond quickly to messages left on their Facebook page.  I wish they’dbeen on Twitter as well, as it would have been so useful to have asked quick questions that came up via that – a Facebook page is a little bit too public for my liking.
  • Although I don’t feel any different health-wise, I’m absolutely sure that the break from wheat, dairy, meat and alcohol must have done me the world of good.
  • Would I do Detox In A Box again?  Yes, probably, particularly if I was struggling to lose weight under my own steam. 

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