47 Days: Update

Back at the beginning of September, I set myself five goals to complete before I went on holiday.  So, as I’m leaving later today, I thought I’d better put metaphorical pen to paper, and see how I did.

1. Lose at least 14 lbs.  I didn’t quite reach this target, but a loss of 13 lbs overall since starting the Big Momma Challenge is a definitely positive, as far as I’m concerned.

2.  Improve fitness.  I started well, doing lots of walking, and then lost interest and haven’t set foot outside the door in weeks, I’m ashamed to say.  I just CANNOT seem to get any sort of handle on this.  I just hate exercise SOOOO much.  Hopeless.

3.   Make £400 profit on Ebay.  Smashed this target by a loooong way – it’s been a good few weeks for sales, and fingers crossed for another good few weeks pre-Christmas when I return from holiday.  I’ve already scheduled lots of items so I can hit the ground running when I get back.

4.  Life Laundry – I am REALLY pleased with the progress I’ve made on this.  It’s one of those jobs that’ll never be finished, but I’ve certainly made huge inroads into both the physical clutter and the cyber clutter. 

5.   Improve time management.  My decluttering seems to have had a knock on effect, and I feel far more ‘on top’ of things than I have done for a while.  Everything just feels more organised somehow.  All good.

So, this is me signing out for a fortnight.  Thanks so much to everybody who’s left messages wishing me a nice time – I am inordinately excited.  We are off to Bournemouth to stay at my parents’ house overnight tonight (and out for a nice Italian meal), and as we’re flying out of Gatwick at 7 tomorrow evening, we’re taking the opportunity to have Sunday lunch at our hotel, Findon Manor, (shameless plug there!) on the way up to the airport.

See you all soon xxx


12 thoughts on “47 Days: Update

  1. Congratulations on the 13 pounds – looking forward to seeing you back at Big Momma when you get back – planning for your next holiday! Got to get back into some exercise myself, I’ve been dreadful lately. I’ve popped Findon Manor over into my England bookmarks – it looks lovely!

    Have a fanastic holiday!

  2. I had an epiphany about exercise this year: I hate exercising alone. I won’t walk. I won’t do weights at the gym. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

    Then I discovered Zumba. The group keeps me going. The music keeps me going. It’s never boring. And the hour flies by. I would go every night if there were a class nearby. But I’ve settled for four times a week.

    Give it try. You might enjoy exercise if you could do it with a big group with samba or hip hop music.

    • Hi Sara – thanks so much for taking the time to reply, and I’m glad you found a form of exercise you enjoy. Unfortunately the thought of my fat wobbling around in front of loads of fit people in gym wear in an organised exercise class fills me with so much horror that I almost hyperventilate just at the thought! My loss, I’m sure. But thanks for the suggestion anyway xxx

  3. That’s great news about the weight loss!

    Do you ever listen to podcasts while you’re walking? My walk to/from work is 3 miles so I listen to the RadioLab podcasts which a mix of science and philosophy and are way better than I can describe them. I can listen to one in the hour it takes me to walk and I feel like it’s been ten minutes. You can download them all on iTunes for free too which is a boost

    Have a great trip! xxx

  4. Hey Lady – bloody brilliant I say. 13 pounds is a lot. I’d be pleased with that. And way to go with the Life Laundry. I am starting up with the ebaying again. New computer does make it easier I can tell you. I want to blog again. I might just start my old one up again. Probably back to get stuff done basics!!

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