10 Favourite Holiday Memories

When I was looking for wall quotes a while back, one that I really liked read “We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments”.  With that in mind, I’ve made a list of my ten favourite memories from our holiday.  And after that, I promise to shut up about the Maldives.  Promise.

1.         Sunset cruise, accompanied by tens of leaping dolphins – amazing.

2.            Watching giant stingrays being hand fed.

3.         William having so much fun with his cousins, playing and laughing together.  They didn’t have a single cross word with each other all holiday.


4.         Getting onto the seaplane – Mum’s comment: “Oooh, it’s all bit Heath Robinson, isn’t it?”  She was right!


5.         Nine of us getting onto a golf buggy made for four, and singing “She’ll be Coming Round The Mountain” very loudly all the way down the island.  And not just the children.  I think we may have had a good few cocktails and glasses of vino that particular evening …

6.            Overcoming my ENORMOUS phobia of fish and actually going snorkelling.  And enjoying it.  Thanks to Nick, my brother, who was very patient with me.  And laughing at the comments afterwards about me being Nick’s inflatable girlfriend/plastic mannequin).

7.         An amazing array of wonderful food, in gorgeous restaurants.  Steak Diane and Crepe Suzette flambéed at the table for us was a particular high point – fabulous.


8.         William passing his diving qualification with almost 100% at the tender age of 10, and absolutely loving his diving.  His biggest wish was to see a turtle, and on his third dive he actually did.


9.         An amazing photo opportunity at least once a minute, or so it seemed – I was totally inspired. 


10.       Wildlife – enormous fruit bats, lizards, big seabirds.  And that damned creature in my bedroom which chirruped every night all night, and which I never found, despite endless searching.  I wonder if it’s still there?


5 thoughts on “10 Favourite Holiday Memories

  1. I’ve always loved hearing other people’s holiday tales so keep sharing, it’s fab!
    Love that photo of William and his cousins and that bat is so cute I want it as a pet. xxx

  2. Welcome back C. We missed you. Your photos are breathtaking, quite simply amazing. Well done to everyone for realising their dreams, conquering their fears and getting on with each other on what seemed to be a “holiday to remember”. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Those stingrays are HUGE!! I feared for that man’s life!

    Looks like just a perfect trip and your photos are all wonderful.

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