Caroline’s Life Rules

1.                  Aim to do less, not more. 

2.                  Consolidate tasks – do all the ironing in one go, all your eBay listing in one go etc – rather than doing bits and bobs here and there.

3.                  Don’t be a drama queen.

4.                  Try really hard not to sweat the small stuff.

5.                  Plan meals in advance, always shop with a list, and NEVER shop when you’re hungry.

6.                  Hang up your clothes, or put them in the laundry, as soon as you take them off.

7.                  Get rid of one item every day. Yes, EVERY day.

8.                  Don’t watch TV programmes with adverts ‘live’, record them so you can fast fwd through the ads, saving untold amounts of time.

9.                  Clean the house regularly before it becomes a huge, horrible job hanging over your head.

10.              Stop as much incoming paperwork and email as possible – get yourself off those mailing lists.

11.              Go with the flow.  Don’t try to control EVERYTHING all the time.

12.              Don’t buy a new one before you’ve finished the old one up (unless it’s a TOTAL bargain!)

13.              Have defined times for checking and dealing with emails – this is one of my biggest time drains.

14.              Choose your battles – sometimes it’s just better to let things go.

15.              Limit the number of blogs you read. 

16.              Keep your house free of clutter.

17.              Be kind.

18.              Don’t be too hard on yourself.

19.              Laugh.  A lot.  And often. 

20.              Never, EVER forget how lucky you are.


10 thoughts on “Caroline’s Life Rules

  1. What a great list! I’m working on a couple of these right now – do less is number one! I am so over-committed and over-scheduled, my calendar controls me rather than the other way around. When something ends, I will not be adding anything new. I’m working my way down to a more manageable schedule.

    I have cut my Google Reader down mercilessly and haven’t added anything new lately. It’s so hard, as there are so many GREAT blogs out there – but there has to be a limit to the time I spend in front of the computer screen.

    I’m off to work on a couple more suggestions from your list – thanks!

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