Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em!

On the way home from school this evening, I was playing a Tina Turner CD in the car, and this version of Proud Mary came on.  I love love LOVE a bit of Tina, and this is one of my favourites, so I turned up the volume and sang along  – loudly and tunelessly, no doubt.

At the end, William said “Who was that singing, Mum?”

I told him it was Tina Turner and showed him the CD sleeve (free in last week’s Daily Mail – oh f**k, when did I turn into somebody who plays free Daily Mail CDs??????)

He considered the picture on the front for a few moments, and then said:

“She looks very …. old fashioned”

Old fashioned?  Seriously?  Tina Turner?


Bloody kids.

“So,”  I ventured, “did you like the song?”

“Well,” he replied “not really.  It’s more your sort of thing, Mum, you know, for elderly people”.

Which was rich, considering William’s favourite song currently is Son of a Preacher Man.  Cheeky bugger.


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