With Friends Like These ….

My friend A, who has been suffering financial woes for a while, came round for a coffee on Saturday morning, and told me she’d had a big clear out in her house and that she and her partner were having a stall at the car boot sale on Sunday morning to get rid of all their junk (her words, not mine). 

I had quite a large number of brand new toys and craft kits sitting in my spare bedroom, which I had been half planning to sell on Ebay, but really as a good turn to try and help out A, who as I mentioned is struggling financially, I asked if she would like to take them to the car boot sale, get what she could for them, and split the money 50/50 with me.  She was very keen, unsurprisingly, and I also chucked in half a dozen brand new Barbour hats as well. 

We filled up the whole back of her car with my stuff, and off she went. 

I saw them at the car boot sale yesterday morning first thing, and had a chat.  I was really pleased that I’d given them my stuff to sell, as the majority of what they were trying to flog was, true to A’s description, a load of old junk.

Anyway, I said I’d pop back a bit later to see how they were getting on, and off I went to do my shopping. 

I arrived back at their stall an hour or so later, and they didn’t notice me, as they were huddled together with a pen and paper.  While I waited for them to finish, I overheard M, (A’s partner) say to A, “well, we’ll tell her we sold them for ?? and then we’ll only have to give her half of that”.  Before I’d even had a chance to compute what I’d just heard, they looked up and saw me.  A had the grace to blush a very deep shade of red, as it was totally obvious that I couldn’t fail to have heard what had just been said.  M just looked in the other direction.

I pretended I hadn’t heard.  Mostly because I was embarrassed for them.  So I said my goodbyes and went home. 

A phoned later on, told me how much money they’d (allegedly, I suppose!) made,  and asked if I wouldn’t mind picking up her tailor’s dummy today (she’d previously asked me if I would keep it at my house for a while as she’s trying to declutter her house prior to selling – which suits me as it’s great to have a dummy for photographing clothes for eBay).

So I’m going to see her later on today to pick up the dummy and my half of the car boot money.  And after that, I don’t imagine that I’m going to rush to see her again for a while ….

 The whole thing has left a really nasty taste in my mouth.


12 thoughts on “With Friends Like These ….

  1. Oh that is just BAD! I can only imagine how embarrasing it was for you! How could they do that to you after you were good enough to help them out like that?
    Dawn x

  2. Sounds like the end of that friendship, and rightly so. What an appalling and dishonest way to treat people let alone ones who have helped you out, you must be feeling very hurt.

  3. That’s just really bad, and extremely disrepectful to you – a friend who tried to help out. I’m sure they’ll need you before you need them again, and now you know what they’re like you can bear that in mind next time they ask for help.

  4. How vile! I can’t believe how they have behaved after you’ve been so kind. The only excuse I can find for them is that they are that hard-up they felt compelled to keep more money than agreed. xxx

  5. This post left me feeling sick too. I think you should tell her you heard what happened and how upset it made you feel.

    Hope you’re feeling ok about it xx

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