Journal Jar Q100: List 10 Things You Want To Accomplish Before It’s Too Late

As my 101 list kind of covers this question already, I decided to make this a sort of travel bucket list, so here it is:

While haphazardly Googling fabulous places around the world that I’d like to visit researching this post, I discovered that there’s an island called Caroline Island in the Pacific.  Who knew?  So I thought I’d illustrate this post with a lovely photo of ‘my’ island as I haven’t got time at the moment to sort out loads of Google Image pics of all the items on my list.

1.   Climb The Eiffel Tower

2.  See The Leaning Tower of Pisa

3.  See Niagara Falls.

4.  Visit The Top of the Empire State Building

5.   Go to the Top of the CN Tower in Toronto

6.  See the Christ The Redeemer Statue in Rio.

7.  Go to Machu Pichu in Peru.

8.  Visit Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

9.  Stay overnight at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

10. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.


6 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q100: List 10 Things You Want To Accomplish Before It’s Too Late

  1. I can boast the top two and although I’ve been to Brazil I never made it to Rio.
    If only India hadn’t cast her spell on me, I’m loathe to go anywhere else as I’m constantly comparing it. xxx
    PS I’ve been to a secret beach in Kerala that looked remarkably like Caroline Island.

  2. I’ve done #6 by helicopter! Was so amazing!! (pics on my FB – Brazil album – including photos of me looking very uncomfortable, pasty and English in a bikini *groan*).

    I hope you get to do all of these things on your list 🙂


  3. Mine would be:
    Las Vegas
    New York
    Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Northern Lights
    Sydney Harbour Bridge/Opera House
    Gran Canyon
    Niagra Falls
    Great Wall of China
    Palm Island / The World – Dubai

    Caroline Island looks nice too!!

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