Under The Weather

Got back from London yesterday – had a great time, but have been feeling rather jaded and a bit under the weather ever since.  William has a horrible cold, so I think I may be getting that 😦

No car boot sale this morning because a) it was raining buckets and b) I was feeling uber-lazy and wanting to stay in my bed.

The highlight of my trip to London was meeting up with fellow bloggers Kat and Amy – they were both SO lovely, and it was (weirdly) like meeting up with old friends, as although I’d never met them in real life before, we all knew a lot about each other’s lives already.    I can’t wait for the UK Blogger meet up in March now!

I did lots of shopping as well (no surprise there, then), and I post some pictures of my fabulous new boots and coat when I feel a bit more with it.  In the meantime, I’m going to retire to the sofa with a cup of tea, Grey’s Anatomy and a blanket.  (On account of the fact that William has installed himself in my bed with his laptop, his book, his homework and Ben 10 on the TV, and refuses to move!)


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