Trashy TV

My DVD boxset/dreadful TV addiction seems to have impacted adversely on the amount of reading I’ve done this year – I’ve read far fewer books than I have done during the previous few years.    I must make an effort to remedy this soon.

But in the meantime, there seems to have been a glut of gloriously trashy TV of late, which I do adore.  Ashley despairs at the amount of trash I watch (mind you, he calls anything that’s not either the news or a documentary – preferably black and white – about ancient Greeks/archeology/astro-physics, trash – so we’re never going to see eye to eye when it comes to TV viewing ….)

I’m particularly enjoying I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here at the moment – most specifically the ongoing torture of the VILE “Doctor” Gillian McKeith (although why somebody with so many phobias would even CONSIDER doing this programme is totally beyond me).

And then there’s The Apprentice – yet another bunch of fame-hungry wannabes with a lack of business acumen startlingly juxtaposed with their arrogance and self-importance.  Nick Hewer’s facial expressions and witty one-liners alone make this essential viewing as far as I’m concerned (and I do miss Margaret, too …).  Although apparently she’s coming back for the interview stage – I can’t wait!

The Cube on a Sunday night is another favourite.  It’s a great substitute for Total Wipeout, which seem to have disappeared for the moment (what can I say, I have a 10 year old who likes it, so obviously I HAVE to watch!).

And if we’re talking TOTAL trash, then The Real Housewives of New Jersey must get a mention: such trash that the second series on C4 currently is on in the middle of the night, and not even available online afterwards.  Thank goodness for Sky+!

Another series I’ve loved this year was Glee – which I believe is coming back sometime in the New Year for a second season, which includes lots of celeb cameos.  This one features the annoyingly multi-talented Gwyneth Paltrow. 

And I’m already getting excited about picking up the Christmas edition of the TV Times and going through it with a highlighter pen ….

What are your guilty TV pleasures?


17 thoughts on “Trashy TV

  1. I LOVE The Apprentice, much to Jon’s ultimate despair, it’s a trade-off for all the Time Teams and Scrapheap Challenges he forces me to sit through.
    I enjoyed the opening of I’m a Celeb but nothing stands between me and a Jimmy McGovern drama (especially one starring Christopher Ecceleston). xxx

  2. I love The Apprentice soooooo much. Not sure who I want to win, though, they’re all pretty useless really aren’t they.

    Also a massive fan of The Cube and Total Wipeout!! We should sign up. Free trip to Argentina – yes please!

    I also never miss University Challenge because me and The Boy have an ongoing competition to see who does better (but we never get more than 4 or 5 right every week!). And the Inbetweeners, when it’s on.

    • Oh, Jack Bauer. I still haven’t watched the final series – always ask MIL to buy it for me as a boxset for Xmas and spent about three days watching episode after episode. Now THERE’S a reason to look forward to Xmas!! Thanks for visiting – have bookmarked your blog for a look later x

  3. I had to laugh out loud when reading this post Caroline I too HAVe to have the Christmas TV Times and get my highlighter pen and sit for hours planning out Christmas TV ! John just looks at me and shakes his head in despair …he does not and will never understand what a buzz I get from doing this every year !
    I watch the Apprentice and I love the expressions on Nick’s face, he is so dry and so funny. I can’t watch I am a Celebrity because of my phobia of all things creepy crawly, I tried but eeeewwwww!,I love watching re runs of the Hill and The City too . I hope you all enjoy your TV trash !
    x Dawn

  4. There are so many i can’t help but love, in no particular order
    Desperate housewives
    The good wife
    Luther (loved this, hope it’s coming back)
    The apprentice
    Kirsties homemade home
    Strictly and finally Re-runs of Bread on Gold!!

    After all of that there isn’t much time for anything else….I don’t watch soaps though!!

  5. How funny! Just catching up with your blog and I realise I posted the same video clip of Glee the other day, after you from the looks of it. Great minds and all that. I hate the Jungle thing with a passion, but watch the Apprentice because it’s one of my OH’s faves. I hope that useless boy who was PM this week gets the boot next time. Arrogant or what? Maybe the arrogance of youth seeing as he’s only 21. My goodness !!!

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