A Little Bit of Kindness

I’ve been a bad blogger – I’ve been MIA since Thursday (what do you mean, you didn’t even notice?!).

I’ve also been busy.  Too busy.  I feel frazzled.  And stressed – a nasty ongoing legal matter that I can’t really write about is worrying me.   And I’ve been eating too much of all the wrong things.  And I’ve had a couple of hangovers in the last couple of weeks (not major ones, but just, you know, that horrible mushy, vacant, general under-the-weatherness of the morning after the night before).   And I had two horrible and unreasonable Ebay buyers last week (one of whom tracked me down on Facebook and Twitter bizarrely, and is no doubt reading this now!).  Work also hasn’t been great lately.  And I haven’t been sleeping enough, or particularly well.

And I woke up feeling horrible this morning – Monday morning-itis times about 1,000.

So I have designated this week as ‘Be Kind To Myself’ Week.

  • I will get eight hours’ sleep a night at least, every night.
  • I will not make endless ‘to do’ lists and beat myself up about not getting to the end of them.
  • I will try not to stress about things I have no control over.
  • I will drink (at least) five big glasses of water every day.
  • I will not drink any alcohol until Friday, and then only in moderation.
  • I will eat (at least) my ‘five a day’ every day.
  • I will do something nice for myself every day, eg hot bath with lovely aromatherapy oils, facial, pedicure etc.
  • I will turn off the computer EVERY NIGHT by 7.00 pm.
  • I will make time for reading.
  • And I will not get cross with myself if I fail to live up to everything on this list.

Hopefully this will result in a healthier, happier Caroline by the end of the week – I’ll let you know how I get on.


12 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Kindness

  1. Aww Caroline! Doesn’t everything always come at once, no wonder you’re feeling under the weather.

    This is a great idea and I’m sure you’ll be feeling back on form soon. xx

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  3. I had noticed your absence, Caroline. That sounds like a great list.
    Take no notice of the nasty eBayers, they are in the minority but always seem to come together like buses. xxx

  4. I think your approach is a brilliant way to chase away those ‘nothing is going right’ weeks. When I can think of nothing that can really be done, I do something about something I can. And ask the universe for a bit of help. Everyone needs a bit of a leg up every now and again. Keep well and look after yourself. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  5. That is a good list to go on. That sounds sarcastic – didn’t mean it to be. Now fancy a hot bath myself reading that but builders are munching around in the house (still).
    I swear that is why I stopped selling on Ebay. For the 20 good buyers, 1 would give me grief – endlessly and get to me. Grrr.
    Now go and find that book. And add chocolate you your list 🙂

  6. I’d missed you, especially your Sunday Boot Sale post. Hope you feel better this week. I always find a good eight hours of sleep helps me more than anything. To quote Shakespeare ‘sleep knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care.’ (I don’t make a habit of being arty-farty and quoting the Bard, it’s just I remember this line from school, and I’ve always thought it was so so true.)

  7. Your list sounds good to me, don’t stress the small stuff, if you don’t get things crossed off your list that day then you can always cross it off the next day or the next day. I am a list person and know exactly where you are coming from on that one. I look forward to your boot sale finds hope you get some on Sunday ; )
    x Dawn

  8. Yes, you should be kind to yourself, we all should be nicer to ourselves. So much going on at this time of year we forget to kick back and just enjoy it sometimes.
    So hard though, but it’s got to be worth trying.
    Lisa xx

  9. I know, I know! Things have been so crazy here…and we have the Thanksgiving holiday in the States this week (a turkey is roasting in my oven as I type)! I am trying to make a little progress each day, and be happy with that. My favorite thing I’ve been doing nice for myself lately is skipping late television, and going to bed and reading.

    Be kind to yourself…I am sending tender thoughts your way. k

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