Freezing Saturday

OMG, how cold is it?  Ridiculous.  Hate it.  Hate hate hate.

Just a very little post today, as I had a very late one last night – three couples over for dinner and it was a fun and raucous evening.  Here’s my fabulous (if I do say so myself) pudding:

Upside down miniature clementine and ginger baked cheesecake, and lemon, Campari and passionfruit jelly.  Yum.

Finally got to bed at around 3 am.  Far too late, and it’s resulted in the necessity for a two hour power nap this afternoon.  The whole thing wasn’t helped by getting up at 8 o’clock this morning because William had to be at a karate seminar for 9.30 am.  Unfortunately when we arrived to drop him off, we discovered the seminar is tomorrow.   Hopeless mummy fail.

Am not looking forward to the prospect of getting up early and heading out to the car boot sale tomorrow morning, don’t imagine there’ll be many sellers (or buyers) there.  However, as I haven’t been for two weeks, I definitely feel the need for a ‘fix’.  Better go and dig out my thermals.


6 thoughts on “Freezing Saturday

  1. Nigella would be awestruck at the sight of those! Wow!
    It’s so cold here, I have a massive hangover and have only just got dressed. I should know better at my age. xxx

  2. OK so before reading the post I saw the photos and thought it was something dropped and frozen outside because it was so cold! Sorry.
    Looks yummy (now I know what it is) – where’s the recipe from then?

    • LOL, see exactly what you mean re frozen thing! Recipe is from Sainsbury’s magazine, they have some great recipes in there (and not too fiddly, as well, which is always good). Let me know if you want a copy, I’ll email it x

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