Sunday Car Booty

I won’t even start on how cold it was this morning (minus 4) so I was quite glad when I didn’t bother setting the alarm and slept in until just after 8 o’clock.  Surprisingly, the car boot sale wasn’t bad at all – I think everybody must be having a clear out before Christmas.

Here’s what I picked up:

Monsoon & Baby Gap girls’ clothes – between £1 and £2 each

Boy’s Nike trainers 50p, Evans leather sandals 50p, M&S Ltd Collection shoes £1 – so upset they aren’t my size, as I LOVE them!

Vintage Jaeger ladies 100% wool jacket  £1.

Hackett Gents giftset £4.  This will go into next year’s Christmas eBay box, as I have finished listing for Christmas this year – my last items end this week, and I shall then have an eBay break until January.

Next cropped jeans £1 and plus size 22 ladies trousers £1.

I shall not be venturing outside again today (other than to collect Will from karate at 11.30), and have very few plans other than a cooked breakfast, some reading, laundry, general tidying, vegging in front of the TV and a roast beef dinner. 

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday whatever your plans are.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Ooh, great finds – as always, and I am so envying you having a car boot sale to go to at this time of year. I did manage to get to three Christmas Bazaars yesterday though, so shouldn’t really complain.

  2. Great finds, good on u for venturing out in the cold! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. We have to take doggy for a walk brrrr and I think the OH wants to put the outside Xmas lights up today which means me standing holding the ladder for an hour in the cold….!!

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