Things I’m Grateful For This Week

With my well-documented hatred of the cold, as the icy winter weather takes a grip on the UK, I am trying to be positive:

1.  Although it’s abso-bloody-lutely FREEEEEZZZZZZING, it hasn’t yet snowed down here.  Long may this continue – the roads are a nightmare out here in the countryside when it snows.

2.  Central heating – at the touch of a button (and at a cost that’s 7% higher than it was last week), the house is toasty warm.

3.   The kettle – there’s nothing better than a steaming mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate in this weather.

4.   Soup.  Any kind will do. 

5.   My fur and fleece sofa throws: ideal for snuggling down in front of the TV and keeping out the cold.

6.  Holiday brochures.  What better way of passing the time when it’s so horrible outside than flicking through pages full of sunshine and sand planning next year’s holidays?


6 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful For This Week

  1. COMPLETELY agree. I hate winter too.

    Can we make a pact – if either of us wins millions on the lottery to take the other on a winter sun holiday? I quite fancy Zanzibar.


  2. That dreaded white stuff is falling out of the sky with no sign of a let-up this morning but I’m staying positive with the prospect of being in a bikini at the weekend, splashing about in the Arabian Sea and having nothing but palm trees and parrots to look at. xxx

  3. It’s snowing like crazy here! I’m not getting out of my dressing gown…even for the grocery delivery. Blankets, box set and sofa sounds like a plan 🙂

  4. I want to pipe in…I really do…but I’m afraid you’ll ban me from the blog.

    I love the winter. There I said it. I believe I can always add more clothing in the winter to stay warm, but there’s only so much I can take off in the summer without offending others. 😉 Of course, this is probably because I live in generally such a warm climate. I don’t waste our winter by taking vacation to go to somplace warm. I wait till summer, and then go to someplace cool. 🙂

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