Sunday Car Booty

Cold, damp, misty – not that nice.  But still picked up a few bits:

Next men’s 3/4 length trousers BNWT 50p, La Redoute cardigan £1

Lovely ladies suit by Kaleidoscope, it’s actually a very pale green colour, £2

Kids black leather Jodhpur boots £1

9 balls of knitting wool £1, Kids Gap sweatshirt £1, Harry Potter PC game 20p and Griffin iTrip £1

Plans for the rest of Sunday (sun has just come out) include a bacon sarnie, a trip to Ashley’s mother’s to pick up my laundry (repair man can’t come till Tues so she’s very kindly been doing my washing), getting the decorations out of the loft and maybe putting up the tree, and this afternoon we’re going to see Megamind 3D at the cinema.  Rather a busy Sunday, all in all.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I can’t believe you have already been out, I am still in PJs watching my neighbour digging out our road, again. You certainly deserve your bargains, I shall be lucky to get to the supermarket today, haven’t been out now for 10 days so I’m quite excited.

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