On Round Robins

Much maligned by the media in recent years, the Round Robin is making a comeback in this household this festive season.

In case anybody has no clue what I’m talking about, here is the Wiki definition, which sums it up rather well: round-robin is … a letter … copied and sent to multiple recipients, like the sending of family news at Christmas. This is more correctly termed a circular, or informally, a ‘brag & gag’.”

For years, I used to send a round robin with my Christmas cards with our family’s news for the year, but a few years ago I stopped.  I kept reading about how they are boastful and self-promoting, and of no interest whatsoever to the recipient. 

But I kind of missed writing them – it’s nice to look back over the year’s events and to put them on paper, along with a few photos, to send to people you don’t see or speak to regularly.  And somehow (to my mind, at least) a bit more personal than sending a card with just  “To …. From …..” written on it.

 And also, I LOVE receiving round robins from other people – one of my favourite things when a pile of cards drop through the letterbox is finding one or two with lovely newsy letters in, and sitting down with a cup of tea to read them.

 So for the first time since 2005, this year I will be writing a round robin, and nay-sayers be damned.  Yes, in an ideal world it would be great to write individual, personalised letters to everybody – but, frankly, who has the time in mid-December to sit down and do this?  Not me, that’s for sure. 

 Right – must be off – I’ve got a boastful, self-promoting newsletter to write!


4 thoughts on “On Round Robins

  1. I think they are more enjoyable than they used to be. Are people writing better, or is it just that as I get older my tastes changed? LOL My favorite Christmas letter that we receive is from a family we used to attend church with in another town. He writes the letter, and on the back is a photocopied layout of family photos. So I base our letter on their example. And with the great color-copy machines these days, they really look great. I try not to print them on real ‘Christmasy’ designed paper though, that way I can mail them late and just change the salutation to ‘Happy New Year’ or something. 🙂

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