**Potentially Controversial Post Alert!**

I’m not sure how this post is going to be received – I feel that I may be stepping into a bit of a taboo subject in the world of blogging.  So, being me, I decided to write it anyway! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to have a peek at my blog stats as much as the next person (mostly to laugh at the ridiculous search terms people have used and stumbled upon my blog), but there seems to be a bit of an obsessive thing going on around the blogosphere at the moment …..

On Twitter and on British Mummy Bloggers, there has been much discussion of late about how to increase your followers, get more blog traffic, how many times is acceptable to tweet a link to your latest blog post, should you set up a Facebook page for your blog, and SEO (search engine optimisation, yeah, I had to look it up!).

So here’s the thing: I totally get that if your blog is linked to a business or is an aid to help you sell something, that you’d want to get as much ‘footfall’, so to speak, as possible, so all the things listed above might be relevant.  However, most of the people embroiled in these discussions seem to be writers of personal blogs (my favourite kind, I don’t really ‘do’ business blogs, or blogs with endless product reviews).  And yes, I know I do the occasional product review on my blog, but I only ever review products that I’m interested in, and which are directly relevant to me and my life.  On that note, if any wine merchants out there need any booze reviewing, I’m your gal!

What I genuinely don’t ‘get’, however, is the obsession with blog stats by writers of personal blogs.  We all love to get a comment, don’t we, and if somebody takes the time and trouble to comment on my blog, I will always go and visit their blog and leave a comment in return.  That’s the way I’ve made some of my best blogging buddies over the years.  Not by obsessing over faceless visitor numbers and followers – for me, that’s just SO not what it’s all about.

Quite often, I see bloggers running giveaways for which the entry criteria include ‘leave me a comment, become a follower of my blog, become a fan of my page on Facebook and tweet a link to my post on Twitter etc etc’. 

And, even more weirdly in my humble opinion, people post on Twitter saying ‘five more followers and I’ll have reached 350.  Please retweet!’


Seriously, why??

I genuinely don’t understand why you would want 1,000 faceless people to read your blog, follow you on Twitter or whatever.  To me,  it smacks of that schoolkid mentality of wanting to be the most popular kid in the playground.  I’d far rather have 20 genuine readers, who I can ‘get to know’ and interact with regularly.

In all honesty, does having 500 Twitter followers make your Twitter experience more enjoyable than if you had 100?  Do you get more enjoyment out of writing your blog if you know that your stats say 1,000 people read it today, rather than 100?  I don’t believe you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that people read my blog, I love it when people leave me comments, and I love that blogging has opened a whole new world for me, and I’ve made some great friends through it.  And it’s always lovely to get a comment from a new person.  But I don’t think that I’d love it exponentially (is that the right word?) more, the more comments/followers/whatever I had.  Certainly I don’t feel the need to spend time and energy trying to increase my traffic by all the means listed above. 

Maybe I’m wrong.  Certainly some of the discussions on BMB and Twitter make me think that perhaps I’m in the minority.

Would love to know what everybody else’s take on this is.


13 thoughts on “**Potentially Controversial Post Alert!**

  1. I think it’s a new blogger thing, you do get a bit obsessed with stats when they start to climb suddenly. I also think a lot of newer bloggers are shocked when they aren’t getting loads of readers after say a few months, no one tells them it’s normal to only get 20 visitors a day for months on end! So they like to know ways of getting their blogs noticed.

    But when you’ve been doing it ages it doesn’t really matter either people come and visit you because they like you’re blog or they don’t. I can’t be doing with SEO far too much like hard work!

    The main reason I have a Facebook & Google connect is because I discovered loads of people don’t use/know what Google Reader is so they use them to read blogs through instead. I wa really shocked to find that out!

  2. Well, first of all, when I read your post title, I thought, ‘Woohoo! Let me settle in and get comfy for this!’ LOL

    But I’m with you. If it’s a business, I get the effort of bringing in as many eyes as possible. But I blog as a creative outlet, so the relationships I’ve made are a lovely bonus. I’ve been so bad about posting lately, I’ve probably lost the few regular readers I had. 🙂

  3. Arrgh yes. I agree. My personal bugbear is “creating content that generates traffic” or anything featuring those particular blog-related buzzwords.
    What ever happened to writing what you wanted to write?

  4. Ooh I love a bit of controversy …. in my opinion it is quality rather than quantity that counts … I now avoid blogs that are only there to plug a product and the ooh ahhh gushy lovey ones … I much prefer to read about real people including the ups and downs of life and of course some crafting thrown in.

  5. I am not doing anything to increase my numbers at all. However, I feel that I should as I feel I ought to be doing it as a business….. with my art and all. But hey. I do love comments though. and sometimes I count just to see if anyone reads it at all, cost its kind of nice that they do.

  6. I agree with you; I’ve no desire to become famous. If someone leaves a comment saying they like what I write, I’m very flattered because really I write for myself and a few friends on Live Journal. I’ve no intention of going on Facebook, ever.

  7. Hi my dear-I think very much like you to be honest, I blog for me and for people who genuinely enjoy my blog, not for the numbers. A very insightful post and thanks for your lovely comment too, have a nice week ahead! x

  8. I agree with you. I am glad to have stumbled across your blog and I look forward to reading it. It is a disappointment to me when a blog I have enjoyed “goes all commercial”.

  9. Great Post and I am with you all the way. I have gone off of a lot of blogs where I suddenly get the feeling people are taking themselves too seriously. In fashion I definetly think there are lots of people out there trying to climb some sort of social ladder and get in with the “cool kids”. I couldn’t honestly give a shit and can’t tell you the last time I read my stats. I started blogging because I couldn’t find anyone else in my age bracket doing the same thing, now of course there are plenty and they are far more successful than me!

  10. Totally agree! I started my blog as a way of keeping in touch with my family, which is large and scattered all over. Then, obviously this year I had my little health problem and the blog took a different direction. I hope I’ll stop talking about the SAH one day, but for now it’s part and parcel of my life and blogging is therapy. I do know about SEO etc but I can’t be arsed, to be perfectly honest! I alsojoined Facebook a couple of years ago because I kept getting invited, but never went on there (and swore I wouldn’t) until I was in hospital and it was on the iPhone and seemed an easy way of updating. I do tend to tick the “facebook” box when I’ve typed a post, because then it automatically puts it in my profile and I don’t have to repeat myself. I hope you keep on giving us controversial blog posts lol!! Happy Christmas 🙂

  11. Well I think the obvious answer is money. You get some bloggers who have only 1 intention – to make money. It’s probably easier to do so if you build up a loyal following, but in this day and age people aren’t that patient!

  12. I have to say I agree with you too Caroline, particularly about the Twitter thing. I see loads of people Retweeting “only X more followers til xxx” and it drives me nuts.

    But the thing that really drives me crazy is people on Twitter who must religiously watch their follower numbers because you see them saying “oh, just lost a follower, was it something I said?” WTF?! No, it was probably a spam bot and it’s only 1 person. I’ve seen people get really upset about it, so unnecessary. There are loads of people I follow and I don’t care if they follow me back or not. Just because I am interested in what they have to say, doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in what I have to say. Dafties!

    Great post!

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