Reasons Why I’m Wide Awake Writing This At 3 AM

1.   Worrying about whether my parents will actually manage to get here for Christmas in this dreadful weather.

2.   Wondering, assuming my parents get here, whether it’s unreasonable of me to feel a bit aggrieved that my father wants to go to Church on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day mornings, and therefore won’t be sitting down to breakfast with the rest of the family on either day.

3.   Worrying whether, if I go to the Royal Mail Delivery Office tomomorrow morning, they’ll let me have my mail (haven’t had a delivery out here since last Wednesday and not likely to for the foreseeable future), as I’m waiting for a couple of things that I could really do with having before Christmas.

4.  Thinking about  Ashley’s brother and his girlfriend, who already have three children between them, two of whom are severely disabled and very needy, and have just announced that she’s pregnant.

5.   Wishing that we could finalise plans for New Year (we’re waiting till after Christmas to get a better deal on the hotel we want to go to).

6.   Wondering how many more rows the crap weather is going to provoke between Ashley and myself about whose need for the 4X4 (MY car, not his) is greater.  I don’t FEEL like it’s unreasonable to offer to take him into work and pick him up again, so I can have use of my car all day, rather than being stuck at home all day while he takes the car, but according to him it is. 

7.  Hoping William is going to feel better tomorrow – and that Ashley and I aren’t going to catch his cold/throat/cough thing.


11 thoughts on “Reasons Why I’m Wide Awake Writing This At 3 AM

  1. You definitely did the right thing by listing your worries Caroline – always helps (even marginally) to clear the mind! FYI you are not being unreasonable re: car!! 🙂 xx

  2. 3 o’clock in the morning is just the pits when it comes to worrying time. I hope all these things get sorted and Christmas is fabulous for you all.
    Lisa x

  3. Aw Caroline 😦 I hope everything goes ok and that everyone remains healthy! And that you got some sleep later – I was up at 2am myself lol. Also? About the car? Men just don’t get it do they? We don’t have a car, but gosh we have been having some uncomfortable, um, discussions, recently!! Nothing huge, just niggly, so I sympathise. x

  4. Hope things all work out well for you and that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The festive season combined with this hideous weather has caused a few rows in my house lately too.

  5. Hope you managed to get some sleep. All adequate niggles to keep you awake.
    Tell him he can’t have an Aston and then be surprised when he can’t use it in the snow!!!At least you are not charging him for the lift to and from work!
    I would hate to be without a car in those circumstances so I completely get where you are coming from.
    Is it melting?

  6. Black ice is the worst. I hate driving in that as nothing helps. Can you grit or use cat little to get some grip or is it just not worth it?
    Hope your folks still make it.
    PS Just got out a new Tana French from the Library – you know – she who write the HARD book about the Woods – not the easy one I confused it with last time!!!

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