43 Things In My 43rd Year

My 101 list had been a bit lifeless for a while and needed a bit of a freshen up, so I have shamelessly pinched this idea from Laura @ MtP (who assures me she pinched it from someone else first!).

It’s a list of things I want to complete in my 43rd year – 2011.  Some are just for fun, some are a bit self-improvement-y, some are to help me avoid procrastination (fingers crossed!) and some are things that I’ve carried over from the old list.  Some are also to make sure that I do the things that I enjoy doing – I think we often lose sight of what makes us happy.  The plan is to have crossed them all off by the end of December 2011, and to write posts about how I’m getting on throughout the year.

1.       Complete my Happy Book

2.       Complete my 101 Photos Project

3.       Complete my cushion cover knitting project.

4.    Work through The Life Audit book.

5.    Give blood.

6.    Go to an auction.

7.    Read the first Harry Potter book.

8.    Eat two portions of fruit every day for three weeks.

9.    Read a whole book in one day.

10.   Go on another photography course.

11.   Go snorkelling again.

12.   Bake some cupcakes.

13.   Go on a long bike ride.

14.   Ride a scary Roller Coaster.

15.   Get to grips with Spotify.

16.   Cook (at least) one recipe from every cookery book I own.

17.   Make an Inspiration Board.

18.       Write a long-term travel bucket list.

19.   Have a massage.

20.   Go to the cinema 15 times.

21.       Complete a whole month of the organisational checklist from getorganised.com.

22.   Visit a UK city I’ve never been to before.

23.          Go to a craft fair.

24.          Try five new restaurants.

25.          Eat vegetarian for a week.

26.          Do not drink any alcohol for 14 consecutive days.

27.          Visit a spiritualist church.

28.          Donate 50,000 grains of rice with www.freerice.com

29.          Walk 10 miles in one go.

30.          Read (at least) 60 books.  You can follow my progress here.

31.          Go one whole week without being negative.

32.          Go one whole week without using the word ‘f**k’ or any derivations thereof.

33.          Take a photo of William every day for a month.

34.          Take a course in something that interests me.

35.          Do not buy any new make up/beauty products for the whole year unless I actually run out of something completely.

36.          Floss every night for a month.

37.          Take Will to the London Dungeons.

38.          Go round the house with a pen and paper and make a list of all the annoying little jobs that need doing. 

39.          Take steps towards getting the above jobs done.

40.          Change my working life.

41.          Visit three tourist attractions close to where I live.

42.          Wear a wig in public.

43.          Apply for tickets to attend an event at the 2012 Olympics.

 So, what are your goals for 2011?  I’d love to know.


15 thoughts on “43 Things In My 43rd Year

  1. Love love love your list! Particularly number 32 which is something that will be on my 2011 list too – I really swear far too much. I’ll email you a brilliant cupcake recipe I have made twice recently xx

  2. Wow that is quite a list Caroline, I too have Spotify but all I can do is open the bloody thing gggrrr, you have inspired me to do my list, I am the big 50 in August and will put my list onto my blog.
    Happy New Year : )
    x Dawn

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