Four Reasons Why The Christmas Break is Far Too Long

1.    If I have to tidy up Ashley and William’s constant stream of mess in every single room they enter (even for less than five minutes) for much longer, I will not be held accountable for my actions.  Seriously, how much mess can two people make?

2.   Much as I love my DVD boxset of 24 Season 8, it would be nice, even once or twice over the Christmas period, to be allowed to select something else to view.  I am currently banished to the bedroom with Jack Bauer (to be fair, I can think of worse things ….), while Sky is hogged by husband and son watching crappy re-runs of Star Trek.  I sincerely wish that Scotty would beam them up.  Any time in the next five minutes would do.

3.   Overflowing dustbins: at Christmas, there’s extra rubbish, isn’t there?  There just is.  Endless boxes, packaging and wrapping from presents, far more bottles than usual (even for us, and it is on record that nobody in our street has EVER had as many empties as us in the five years we’ve lived here, when the fortnightly glass collection comes round!) etc etc.  So why do the local Council, in their infinite wisdom, decide not to bother emptying the bins for ages? All my bins are full, and it’s nearly another fortnight until the non-recycling one is going to be emptied again.  Very annoying indeed.

4.   The weather.  It’s crap.  The only alternative to staying indoors in the house and committing husbandicide is going shopping.  And my God, I don’t think that will improve my mood.  Have you SEEN the shops on the TV?  Heaving.  Vile vile vile.


7 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why The Christmas Break is Far Too Long

  1. Caroline, this is my first discovery of your blog and i love it! You’re not alone with the emypty bottles either. our bin men just emptied it this mornig and its half full already 🙂

    Hope you have a great new year x

  2. But on the positive side…if your weather is crap, you can put your trash outside and it will not smell up the whole neighbourhood.

  3. Hi there-yes how crappy is the weather, we went shopping today, but I was good, I bought needed wellies for me and school shoes for Robert! Happy New Year and all the best for 2011! xx

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