Goodbye Jack Bauer – I’ll Miss You

This morning saw the end of my annual post-Christmas 24-fest: for the last eight years I’ve received the boxset of the previous season of the TV action drama set in real-time (groundbreaking stuff when it was first conceived) for Christmas.  And each year, I watch all 24 episodes practically back-t0-back over the holiday period between Christmas and New Year. 

I’m a bit late finishing this year, on account of going away for a couple of days over New Year.

Season 8 is the final series – there will be no more Jack Bauer (other than a possible movie, but a script hasn’t even been agreed for that yet).

Ridiculously, I feel a little bereft, almost as if I’ve lost a friend.  I’ve been there with Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) every step of the way, through every single episode, every single twist and turn of every plot.  And I’ve enjoyed every minute.  Some more than others, obviously, but overall it’s been my favourite TV series EVER.

I had a tear in my eye as the last episode ended this morning.

So goodbye Jack, and thanks for all the memories.

PS Ashley asked me this morning what I’m going to do next year between Christmas and New Year.  My reply?  I’m going to start again from Season 1.  And I’m looking forward to it already.


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