Journal Jar Q75. When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

So, the last SIGNIFICANT thing I did for the first time, I think, was going snorkelling. 


I am scared of the sea.  Not the sea per se, but the creatures therein.  I hesitate to use the word phobic, as I think it’s a very over-used word these days, but I am really very unkeen on swimming in the sea.  Because of the fish, crabs, jelly fish, eels, sharks … yeah, you get the point.


My eight-year-old nephew, Sam, was as scared as me, if not more so, and at the beginning of the holiday absolutely refused even to paddle in the sea. However after a week and a half, he had overcome his fear and was out there snorkelling with his dad, and absolutely loving it.


And I thought to myself, Caroline, if an eight year old child can overcome that fear, then you really ought to be able to do so as well. 


So, with the help of my very patient brother, I did.  I only went once, but I did it.  I did have a bit of a panic a couple of times (small fish that looked like a snake – eugh!), but overall, I actually enjoyed it.


And it’s on my 43 things list to do again this year.  So watch this space.

 **The photographs I’ve used in this post were all taken by Ashley on various snorkelling/diving trips while we were in the Maldives.**


5 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q75. When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

  1. I went diving and even got my open-water PADI certificate 10 years ago- terrified the whole time- but swore I would go again…. started having babies and never did :/. Great photos!

  2. Yay – I went snorkelling for the 1st time when we were in Egypt, it was awesome. I was a bit scared too of the breathing under water thing as I’m quite claustrophobic but I was OK! Great pics 🙂 x

  3. Oh wow, good for you, Caroline. I don’t know how you did that. I am totally and utterly petrified of all sea creatures and won’t even paddle in the sea for the fear of something touching me. In fact, even seeing a fish on telly can make me feel ill – I had to skip through Ashley’s photos really quickly to read this post!!

  4. Caroline you did so well, I too am petrified of anything that lives in the sea, I think watching Jaws loads of times ruined any chance of me swimming in the sea. I am a good swimmer but would not even dip a toe in the sea and the thought of all that water underneath me and God knows what else would give me heart failure, I take me hat off to you for overcoming your phobia, you are very brave x Dawn

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