Back To School Day Bargains

It was a horrible early start in the dark this morning, not improved by hideous driving rain, so I decided to reward myself after the first school run of the year with a trip to two of my favourite charity shops. 

And I picked up a few rather nice bits and bobs:

A really lovely silver/grey leather bag from Principles – £4.75. 

Rocket Dog pumps £2.50 and toddler’s Timberland trousers £1.25, both brand new and destined for eBay.  Lovely black leather shoe boots for me £6 (rather pricy, I thought, for a charity shop, but I really like the unusual heel detail and rather period look – and they’re in beautiful condition).

And finally, I took a flyer on this gorgeous 100% silk maxi dress by Caroline Charles (not my size sadly, so will be for resale), for which I paid £8.  I vaguely knew the designer’s name, and having done a little bit of research have found that she’s a current designer whose dresses sell for upwards of £500!!


9 thoughts on “Back To School Day Bargains

  1. What tremendous scores, Caroline! Those shoes are well worth the money and the bag’s a stunner. It’s a shame that pretty frock isn’t your size it would really suit you. Still a bit more money towards your holiday! xxx

  2. Fantastic finds – I love the bag. I took a punt yesterday on some floor-length Laura Ashley curtains priced at £7.50 in the local charity shop (waaay over what I’d normally pay) but they seem to sell really well on ebay so I’m glad I took the chance. Hope you do well with the Caroline Charles dress.

    • Just Googled it, and yes, it seems Diana did wear some of her designs. Interestingly, also found her name in a list of possibles to design Kate Middleton’s wedding frock. Now that would push the resale price of my dress up nicely, I’m sure!!

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