Rainy Saturday

It’s the weekend again already, and I’ve cheered up a bit after rather a miserable week, both inside my head and weather-wise.  My apologies for a couple of less than enthusiastic blog posts this week…

We’re off out for dinner at friends’ this evening, looking forward to it, though I shan’t be drinking … my friend’s daughter is babysitting, which will cost me £25 (yeah, I know, it seems a lot to pay someone for sitting drinking tea and watching TV, but it doesn’t sit comfortably with me to pay somebody less than £5 an hour for being responsible for the well-being and safety of my child).  Anyway, on top of that, if we get a taxi home, that’ll cost at least another £25 (oh, yet another of the joys of rural living), and I just can’t bring myself to spend £50 on going out to a friend’s house for dinner – before we’ve even purchased a couple of nice bottles of wine to take with us!!  So I’m driving.  At least I’ll be hangover-free tomorrow!

No other plans for the weekend, really – it looks as though it’s going to be another wet one, so depending on the weather we’ll try and get out for a walk sometime tomorrow.  It’s not looking like promising car boot sale weather, sadly.

I treated myself to a couple of books yesterday while I was in town on a charity shop mission (picked up a few bits to sell on but nothing very exciting). 

I’ve read loads about ‘Room’ recently, and I wanted to read the actual book before I get any preconceived ideas by reading any more reviews.  The subject matter (a five year old boy who’s spent his entire life locked in a small room with his mother) looks a bit gruesome, but as the book has been raved about all over the place, I thought I’d give it a go.

And I know I’m a bit late to the Stephenie Meyer party, but I watched the first film a while back and quite enjoyed it, watched the second one last weekend and didn’t like it so much, and Victoria wrote the other day about how she was reading Twilight, so I thought I’d give the books a go. 

I’m hoping Ashley will put up the new shelves later that I’ve bought for my office in a desperate attempt to bring some order to the piles of eBay stock currently lying all over the floor: it’s a never-ending battle.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody x


7 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday

  1. I didn’t realise you coud get £25 a night for babysitting… 4 nights a week and I could be a rich woman lol.

    Glad to hear you are reading – its the best thing to do on these dismal days.

  2. Am going to be very intrigued as to what you think of ‘Room’…. haven’t got on the Stephanie Meyer wagon yet either but my daughter loved them 🙂

    Hope you get a good night out.x

  3. I’ve just bought ‘Room’ too – funnily enough for exactly the same reasons (seemed a bit grim but got such amazing reviews from such amazing people I have to give it a go)! You’ll have to post on what you make of it. BTW, I loved Twilight. I was obssessed by it as I was by 24…

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