The Gallery: Mother Nature

It’s been ages since I’ve joined in with Tara’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers, but I loved this week’s prompt: Mother Nature.  It took me ages to decide which photo to use, but I do really love this one that I took in the Maldives last year, and I think it absolutely shows how beautiful Mother Nature can be.  And what better to look at on a cold winter’s day than a beautiful white beach in the sunshine?


16 thoughts on “The Gallery: Mother Nature

  1. Oh man, Im almost aching with a craving to walk through those bushes and trees and feel that hot sand under my feet and the warm sun on my skin!!! What a fab photo. Very very inspiring! Now where’s that holiday brochure that came through the door recently…

  2. what a fabulous photo. the colours are so rich, the sea looks so inviting. Perfect for January – a chance to dream…. thank you for sharing. Nice to find you blog. Good luck with your 43 for 43 – great idea.

  3. Hi Thanks for your message, another day of sun ey !
    Hope you watched the Martin Clunes Maldives programme about the rays. I have to watch withholding my excitement as I went with an ex and dont like to go on to much about it with present husband !
    Sue x

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