Sunday Car Booty

I got back yesterday from my annual January trip to London with my Mum – we had a great time as usual: lots of laughs and chatting, a good look around all the big stores and some shopping (nothing very exciting for me – some new underwear, a couple of presents, some bits and bobs from Primark and a rather cosy big baggy Angora sweater was about the sum total of my purchases), plenty of eating and drinking, and the commencement of our 2011 Scrabble Championship (2-1 to me so far!).

This morning I was up bright and early and off to the car boot sale while it was still dark.  It was a very successful morning, if I do say so myself:

I was super-excited about this Louis Vuitton messenger bag, perfect condition and only £7.50 (I knocked her down from a tenner).  Sadly, however, having done a little more research, the date code tag gives away the fact that it is a BIG FAT FAKE.  Bloody good one, though.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  Next Wedges (£2), Next black peep toe heels and M&S Ltd Collection black courts, £1 easch – all brand new.

Ricaud facial cleansing wipes 30p, Nougat soap 50p, Laura Ashley scented candle £1

Animal shorts £1 for William, Monsoon double layer dress £1

Floris of London giftset £7.50 – this should make me a rather nice profit in the run up to next Christmas.

Cath Kidston soap set £2.50, MAC eye shadows and blushers £10 the lot.  And a brand new Guerlain lipstick 50p.

Couldn’t resist this vintage pink Pifco hairdryer (‘Made in England’) in great condition and full working order in its orignal box, only £1.50.  Not sure if it’s 60s or 70s – any idea, Vix? 

And last but not least, more shoes, £1 each.  Leopardskin shoes always seem to sell well on Ebay, no idea why.

Having experienced both ends of the shopping spectrum this week – wandering around Selfridges designer departments marvelling at £700 shoes (I didn’t buy any!), and a car boot sale in a cold, windy field at silly o’clock on Sunday morning, I can say hand on heart, that the best shopping buzz for me is by far the car boot sale.  By far.

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody.  We’re going out for breakfast shortly – yum!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Hi my dear-yes, I did exactly the same last Sunday, as in going to Selfridges and before that at my local booty-apart from the eating out aspect, booties win hands down for a better shopping experience! Love your finds, good bargains as usual!!

  2. Blimey, that’s a mighty impressive haul from the boot sale. I’ve made a nice little profit selling upmarket toiletries recently so you should be doing really well with some of the lovely items you’ve found today. Have to say though, I think the vintage Pifco hairdryer is my favourite.

  3. Wah! Love the 1960’s Pifco hairdryer!!! That would look fabulous on my pink dressing table…jealous!!
    William’s shorts are fab, Jon would kill for those in an adult size! xxx

  4. Sad purse story. I bought a Kate Spade at a garage sale in Bev Hills, CA, and immediately (literally) went to Nordstrom department store to see if it was the real deal. It was, and I paid only $25. In my opinion, purses are too risky of a secondhand purchase when they are a big designer name. Love your finds, particularly the pink blow dryer.

  5. Ooh… that hair dryer. I just love it. From the picture on the front of the box, I’d guess mid-60s. (But that’s from a US point of view) You really found some great stuff.

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