All Good Here

Monday morning, and the mojo that has been so lacking in me since New Year has finally made a reappearance.  I’m feeling full of energy, enthusiasm and positive thoughts for the week ahead.  No idea why, but I am going to embrace it wholeheartedly – long may it continue!

Ashley is away until Thursday this week, and with my trip to London over, today seemed as good a day as any to start my post-Christmas healthy eating/diet regime.  Coincidentally, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve been accepted on a long-term all expenses paid weight loss trial – I should hear whether it’s a yes or no later on this week, and am quite excited about it.

I’ve got quite a lot of work on this week (four meetings in a week – unheard of!) and lots of eBay listing to do as well.  Am also planning to do some work on the following:

1.   My rather neglected 43 things list – update post planned later this week.

2.   Wardrobe sort-outs – both mine and Will’s need a really good declutter.

3.   Starred items in my Google Reader – I really need to go through these and sort them out.

4.   Housework – the whole house needs a really good top to bottom clean.

Right – that little lot should keep me busy.  Have a good week, everybody x


5 thoughts on “All Good Here

  1. OOh a weight loss trial? I’m intrigued! I’m thinking of spending some of my ESA arrears on some hypnotherapy… I need to break the habit of snacking. I just can’t seem to stick to a diet these days 😦 Glad the mojo is back!

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