Journal Jar Q83. Name Five Things You Like About Yourself

I’m rather busy today, so I was glad the question I picked out was a quick one – or I thought it was, until I actually came to answer it ….! 

Anyway, here goes:

1.  My sense of humour.  I really value my sense of humour, and like to think that I’m quite amusing and witty (though something of an acquired taste, some would say …)

2.   My feet.   I’ve always liked my feet – which is probably somehow psychologically tied up with my shoe obsession, I guess.  Also, feet always stay the same size, and going shoe shopping is never as problematic as going clothes shopping is for us larger ladies.

3.   My organisational skills.  Weird?  Maybe.  But being organised makes me very happy.  And bearing in mind that my son takes after his father in this department (ie total and utter chaos reigns in both their lives), it’s probably quite good that I enjoy organising my own life and those of the rest of my family!

4.   My … it’s hard to find a word, bear with me …. frankness.   I would much rather tell people how I feel and be forthright about something than bitch behind people’s backs.  Which can get me into trouble sometimes.  But I really like that I don’t avoid confrontation.  

6.   My shoe collection.  Yeah, it’s a cheat, I know – but the school run beckons and I couldn’t think of anything else quickly.

What are your favourite things about yourself?


3 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q83. Name Five Things You Like About Yourself

  1. You know my feet went up when preggers and NEVER came back down again.
    Good one. Will nick it later if ok with you 🙂

    There are professional organisers here that make a fortune…….
    oh and you will love Hoarders…. check it out (if you can)

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