The Gallery: Children

Despite the fact I’ve only given birth to one child, I often claim to have two – my husband and my son.  They watch cartoons on TV together, they paint Warhammer figures together, they go scuba diving together when we’re on holiday, they go to sword-fighting lessons on Saturday mornings together, and they spend endless hours in the hot-tub together putting the world to rights. 

My husband never wanted children (I talked him into it – just the one, mind), and although I desperately wanted a daughter, when I see him and William together now, I am often very grateful that William was a boy, as the two of them have such a lovely relationship.  And I love my two “boys” with all my heart.

Edited to add: So sorry, forgot to link back to Tara’s blog, where The Gallery is hosted each week.  Do pop over and have a look at some of the other entries.


17 thoughts on “The Gallery: Children

  1. I know just what you mean. I only have one child and he’s a boy, now 14. My ‘two boys’ are a great pair together, squabbling over the remote control, and I love to watch them, seeing how comfortable they are with each other. Very special.

  2. My little boy hero worships his Dad. I think that bond is stronger because I have one of each sex so they are the boys. I have loads of trouble with him when he doesn’t see his Dad because he’s not coming home until after his bedtime. Drives me nuts.

  3. Oh, I love this! I was going to put up a picture of my husband with our daughter because he can be such a child around her as well! Thanks for sharing a special moment between special people! 😉


  4. This is completely lovely!! I love the photo, it really matches your words–two kids having a great time together. And I completely understand your sentiments about being glad you have a son for your husband to bond and play with, even if you originally wished for a daughter. It sounds like it all worked out perfectly!

  5. Aww! Lovely photo and sentiment 🙂 It’s different for me – if I had to divorce (and believe me, I had to!) and be a single mum, then I’m glad I have a daughter: we are extremely close and the single mums of boys that I know struggle with their sons…. A boy needs a father, simple!

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