Confessions of A Beauty Addict

One of my 43 challenges for this year is not to buy any make-up or beauty products unless I actually run out of something**.  I didn’t realise how bad my shopping habit had got until I took stock of the amount of stuff I have hoarded away.

First of all there’s a drawer in my bedroom of face creams, deodorant, body creams, hair stuff etc – things I use regularly:

And then in the bathroom, there’s my basket of make-up:

Then there’s another drawer full of things that I’ve bought but not started using yet – perfumes, face masks, make up, etc.  Also lots of make up brushes, eyelash curlers etc etc in this drawer:

Then – oh yes, there’s more – there’s a shelf in the bathroom cabinet full of more stuff:

And I’ve got a storage box in my bedroom full of body lotions and butters that I haven’t yet used:

There’s also another storage box full of nail polishes and hand creams which I haven’t taken a photo of (I actually forgot about it until I started writing this post!).

And last but not least, there is a large plastic box in the cupboard on the landing, full of yet more new and unused products:

This last one is considerably deeper than the picture shows, and there are – I’ve just counted – over 30 bottles of various stuff in there.

The ridiculous thing is, I don’t quite know how this happened.  It was over a period of a couple of years, and I guess it was a mixture of not being able to resist a bargain (80% of it was bought in a sale/discounted/some sort of special offer), wanting to try new things, and not knowing when to BLOODY STOP!

Anyway enough is enough – if I’d carried on, I could soon have opened my own small branch of Boots – and hopefully a year of abstaining from purchasing will reduce my beauty mountain to more realistic levels.

**This self-imposed ban does not include ultra-cheap bargainous finds at car boot sales, although I will try to keep these to a minimum as well and only splash out when it’s a can’t-leave-without-buying-it bargain.


10 thoughts on “Confessions of A Beauty Addict

  1. Haha I’m the same! I have about 4 or 5 storage boxes full of stuff under the bed. I used to work in a chemist and it was so hard to resist temptation esp with staff discount and free samples etc!!

  2. That was funny and true. Its one of my new year resolutions as well as I could have 2 extra drawers in the bedroom if I didn’t buy so much in advance. Must be my years of working as a buyer and not wanting to run out of anything !
    Mine also applies to food – jars of sauce and packets etc !

  3. I don’t think it is that bad at all – although I think it is a good idea to resist buying for a while (she says). You can do it for the both of us?

  4. Your collection seems perfectly fine to me. I’ve got a huge wastepaper basket chock full of just shower gel and shampoo in the bedroom, plus a carrier bag full of bars of soap in the wardrobe (and we don’t even use bars of soap that much!) That’s not counting the various moisturisers in the drawer in the bathroom and body butter thingies on a shelf in the wardrobe. Everything came from car boot sales or Christmas fairs and I consider it to be stockpiling in the thriftiest of ways.

  5. Don’t use anything that’s been opened and is more than 12 months old, especially eye stuff….

    I’m doing the same. Ive a ton of half used shampoos and shower gels!!

  6. When you open your own toiletries store I can stock the Scottish branch for you. I just don’t know what it is about buying the stuff, I just can’t ever use it all up.

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